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Oh my god.

You guys are so annoying, this is a problem from freaking years ago and you bring it up again? Stop with the threads on Dream and stop hating him and stanning him. You're all idiots.

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this thread has done nothing but further my take of "if you have any opinion whatsoever on dream, i don't want to talk to you"

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dream's a cheater

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why cant yall just leave the past in the past

did he cheat yes
is he a terrible guy no
should he be able to speedrun games other than minecraft of course (unless he cheats again)
just move on this was literally 2 years ago at this point, just let the man live his life

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Mad people shittin on Dream rn when he cheated a speedrun 2 years ago.. either way it's childish that this still is being talked about when Dream hasn't posted a video about speedrunning minecraft in ages, and the fact that its brought up on this website, is very immature of not only the creator of this thread but the people defending this claim. This thread shouldn't have been a thing in the first place to talk trash about someone that didn't follow certain rules correctly. I do agree with his ban that probably has been lifted or still remains. - there is no defense towards Dream in any way. But there is no reason for certain words to be told about him. His big platform should have no difference on how anyone speaks to him or to any other person that cheated.




@AconnoxRunsAconnoxRuns it still has no difference on why this thread was made. I'm pretty sure Dream's already banned. NO ONE I mean. NO ONE, has seen Dream on the leaderboard since he cheated, and he hasn't posted a video on him speedrunning ever since the last one. He most likely got told to not speedrun for a certain amount of time. But probably not to speedrun at all based on how big his platform is on YouTube. So some people which is like half the people here, won't shit on him in the comments mainly and complain to staff about him speedrunning. But we should get some news from staff on here if he is banned and how long he is banned for.


@MqmeMqme dream reached out to the mod team last year and asked to be perma banned, he has not speedran since. Here are the rules regarding cheaters: "Runs from known cheaters will be rejected immediately and not reviewed for verification. People may appeal this status if there is some exceptional circumstance such as them coming to us to confess before being caught, or positive presence in the community following previous minor offenses"

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While I know that Dream cheated (and he should be banned from speedrun.com), it really makes no sense to talk about it still when his last speedrun was over two years ago. Simply, the answer is he should be, but also the thread is a waste of time because there's no point in talking about it now.

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@HiggexHiggex Thank you for the information. I think he made a smart idea based on this.

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looking back at this, this really just is specifically the people with like 10+ links to different sites saying "waaaaaaaaaaaa guy cheated a run 2 years ago and he's already banned, PWEASE BAN HIM"
you might as well see a cheater from 2019 in real life and scream "YOU CHEATED SPEEDRUN YOU DESERVE TO BE BAN" in public while just so happening to be the ceo of Google
absolutely ridiculous, i don't even like dream but this is just stupid

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I don't think he should be banned honestly maybe a 12 month ban it was a bit ago. This happened 1-2 years ago and he revealed it 7 monthes ago people this isn't Twitter

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Post content nobody cares about if you're Brazilian.


His from England representing Brazil. Read his bio for more info

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