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@StarSpeedStarSpeed dream didnt use speedrunning to gain popularity. The vast array of other content he makes and had made during his speedrun era was way more successful and popular than his speedruns, especially stuff like his manhunt and challenge videos he does with his friends. Im not defending dream, im just saying that claiming dream did it for clout is evidently incorrect. Although, I do agree that some sort of ban should be implemented, like a 18 month ban as an example.

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He has 3 videos (still up surprisingly) of wrs, 1.14 , 1.14 , and 1.15. With 29M views, 21M views, and 15M views respectively. (I assume he got a big percentage of this from the scandal) but his Manhunts alone have amassed 800M - 1B views. So yeah, it's practically nothing.

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he might publicly take anger out on the mods witch isnt what they want right now

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holy shit the dream run was almost 1 year ago lmao, we thought he wasnt a thing anymore in threads
is realy necesary to get again with the topic like at lol
i didnt even saw dream's SRC account like at all since the incident, and if we dont like then we are not following his channel or nothing... what does it even matter rn
im pretty sure he is actualy banned from submitting runs to minecraft site in src, what are we even saying for, a full ban of SRC? because in first place minecraft thread wouldnt even be the adequate site for it if he is alredy banned in minecraft site, and... why even care anymore about the rest of his account

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i almost have more reasons to ask for a ban of people in this thread or even of myself than of dream himself

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this thread literally does nothing.
leave the man alone for Christ sake
bringing this back up again is pointless, can we all just move on

I’m pretty sure y’all got way better things you could be doing rn than sitting here talking about Dream for the billionth time

why are you still reading this? just go somewhere already OMEGALUL

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+ mods have literally done everything to ban previous cheaters
and it doesnt even matter that he would get banned, he doesnt use src anyway!
mods cant ban him from the site btw, only site staff

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imma be honest dream should be banned so this thread doesnt keep duplicating


dream said he's not gonna post on speedrun.com, this is the same thing as bringing up a meme from january 2020 out of nowhere shut upppp

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@tuttery hi


@Treyshehy how dare you spell my name wrong also who are you

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cmon bro, it was 2 years ago

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Damn, your a super mod 😎

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I don't know if you're joking or not