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I want to speedrun Minecraft, I am not very good but I am practicing, however I want to keep some privacy, is it allowed (either by blurring the username or disabling the announceAdvancements gamerule)?


It probably is allowed. Bedrock runs that aren't logged in are allowed, so a blured username is probably okay as long as no speedrun rules are broken.


there is no rule about that, you should be fine


yea shouldn't be a problem with it
anyways it always is shown in some point with achievments and stuff, unless you cant hide the chat at the moment times and show seed without showing the name


Changing a gamerule isnt allowed. And i doubt censoring the name is. Just change your name in offline multimc. Also no one will judge you for being new so dont worry about it.


indeed some WR got half-hidden in the past for having a bad name, and it was a WR so i wouldn't be suprised of an average run with that problem being instantly rejected


it's because the name was a serial killer not because it was a fake name


We recommend you do not do this.


i like how you guys are giving him answers and not realizing the fact hes a bot


While I got mixed answers, thanks everyone that answered!

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fun fact, @ControversialControversial also is a new account just created at the exact time than @UltradostaUltradosta , about 20 hours ago, for the only objective of defending this last user, and both connected last at the same time, both having no runs (and pretty simple names)
both have only participated in this thread

yea we maybe should check the bots before going on with any thread lol, my fault; thats hardly a coincidence

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dont worry bro, you can easily change your name once a month if you have personal info in it and want speeding.


Since a mod said don't do it, I recommend you listen. Obviously you can change your minecraft username so if you do that it's fine.