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(This thread is gonna get locked without a response anyways LOL)
Brentilda's run shouldn't be censored, it doesn't effect anyone and not a lot of this community know about him anyways.


Wdym by censored?


brentilda's run got accepted?


Yes it did but idk what he means by “censored”


I'm not sure what censored means either, explain in detail.


Wdym censored?


it's not censored lolz?


and what the hell does china have to do with brentilda lmao


the run literally had to move the video to not embed because of a ign

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The in-game name of Brentilda is the name of a serial killer. Therefore the video probably cannot be posted as embed on, because of the rules.

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it wouldn't offend anyone


My old name, TheCortex_Crusher_, is a Crash Bandicoot 4 reference and it also means to destroy the brain. No one was offended by that

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nobody is offended by it, but you need to comply with the rules
the video is still available to watch, just not as embed

if it got rejected because of this i'd be mad but you can still watch it and it's still accepted, who cares

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i dont see it anywhere on src's site rules


Just because its not stated directly into the rules doesn't mean it would be under scrutiny but the site staff

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banning a whole run for that? lmao is just for the lols
i dont think no one is getting offended because of a name of a random serial killer it doesnt affect the run
if i had to get offended every time someone makes a joke about the terrorist group (like 30 years ago) of our country puaf

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Quotes from the rules:
"Usernames should generally be kept PG-13 and not contain problematic words or phrases."
"Runs featuring inappropriate video or images on the side or highly offensive/slanderous audio may be rejected."

The former of these of course is for src names, but it could definitely be used for IGNs. Using a serial killer's name as your own could also be deemed "inappropriate" by the moderators. Of course very few people would be directly "offended" barring family members of victims, but it's still a fair decision. They could have chosen to eliminate the run but didn't, plus it's still viewable. I don't see the argument for "omg y u so offended stop censoring lol" because no one's offended and it's literally still viewable.

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Originally posted by TheLemonyBard"omg y u so offended stop censoring lol"

correction this is not how i type lol


Okay and? It was exaggeration to show the absurdity of your post lol