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But why tho i see no problem în it, its diferent its easy to do and you can master diferent thongs and strats like did with my snoballs... Yeah the comands one seems stupid to me to but i think the non ommands one its more aweaome cuz it has a chalange. You have to be fast. Like rly fast and i know the category Will be filled with 100000 runs but thats the thing its easy so more people can do it even if they dont want to spend 1563525 years of training to do a fast portal. And the rng thing you can see it în normal speedru ING to. For ME it was fun and thats why i want it to be a thing.


while i dont entirely like the idea, i do think something aside from killing the dragon could work, like all advancements or a building objective, but with that said i dont think this will be added as an official category to speedrun.com.

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because it's like 2 seconds long it's stupid and even no commands is stupid you literally build two portals.

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Well, i tried it and i have the best time out of everyone that I could find 😃

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This looks so much like a TAS, I'm impressed. GGs
Oh and this isn't legit. It was pre spawned in your inventory


Whatever lead you to this question, please rethink it.


@rhvts Going off of ur point, there is a flaw in it. Just because you want it to be a category, is not a good reason for it to be a category. However, if mods don't even like etner end, you'd expect much less enthusiasm for creative% as well. In short, this will not be a category

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Yeah, Creative% is just "copy paste done" and would be too dumb. It's like those TreeMC ban speedruns. "Absolutely no point in doing it."

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This would be interesting but I dont think that it takes any skill or rng just building the end portal and spamming the dragon with beds.

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Hey! Sorry I took a while to respond! Basically, using the save and load hotbar feature added to creative mode in 1.12, I just loaded a hotbar that I saved in a previous world as soon as I joined the world. (using x+#) Look it up or try it if you don't believe me 😃

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I did a Minecraft creative speedrun too.
My channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuE28A0jaMfPAynKOnrSkcQ


@LesselLessel this is a 2 month old thread, that was already stupid to begin with. Please dont just revive a 2 month old thread just to post a link to your YouTube channel bragging about how you beat minecraft in baby mode.


Smallant did it and it was fun:

This legit could be an interesting thing to watch.


dont respond to year old threads

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i mean, it has to do with the topic lol


Dude the last thread reply was a year ago they obviously wont see that

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bruh i could do that in 5 seconds

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why did they revive this thread? that cat doesnt make sense and its even worse with commands. If it was addded it would be in the ce so this shouldnt be here. Maybe mods should lock it

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