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Hi since I am new to speed running, I couldn't seem to find any rules on whether or not Dynamic Lights from Optifine is banned in the older Minecraft versions (1.14 and before).
It is like Gamma in a way so I'm guessing it is not allowed?



I would assume it's banned

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if i were you i'd just turn my gamma all the way up so you dont need it
Dynamic Lights is allowed im pretty sure


Optifine and other Mod Rules are here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A7NtP7LegD7SYjho54gQDSlJkYZlofndjw2COu00yMU/edit#heading=h.pad3nic7pyya if you need them and yes dynamic lighting is banned in 1.14 and below for optifine because it not in the vanilla game and can give you a visual advantage.

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@Game_LordGame_Lord max gamma is 5.0

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@TuttereyTutterey Oh sorry, didn't know that. Might as well quit running. I hate it when my gamma is low