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I recently submitted a 3:33 SSG time on 1.16+, and it hasn’t been verified. How long will it take to be approved? I know that tons of new runs are submitted daily, i just want a rough estimate on when it will be approved.


a couple months

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3 months?


give or take a few weeks


limit of src is 3 weeks
average time of this game is 5 months

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On RSG usually about 1 and half months but for SSG give it like 2 weeks

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roughly 3 to 5 years.

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maybe 2025 after covid is gone, maybe even 2030 no one knows

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I'd say just before you die and find out it was rejected.

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It varies a lot, it be as little as two days, or as long as 5 months

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The site rules say that it should take 3 weeks but they have 587 runs in the queue so it might take a while. Ive seen at times wrs that had been waiting for months and by november I even saw wrs from July pending so you will have to wait a lot

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