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Mods are banned in speedrunning is because they can change the game from its Vanilla form. Optifine is one of those mods and is only allowed for performance boosts. Things such as fog and clear water are easy to detect in runs, but fast math and lazy chunk loading are harder to detect.


Optifine is allowed pre-1.16
Optifine is banned 1.16+

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if I speedrun I will speedrun 1.7/1.8 because 1.16 is too much luck-based.
But if I speedrun 1.7/1.8 will I need to put my optifine to specific settings.
And why is optfine banned on 1.16 speedrunning but not 1.0-1.15?


I am pretty sure it is because there are some glitches caused by Optifine on 1.16. Don't quote me on it though 🙂

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optifine messes with world generation, reach, and other technical stuff. it shouldn't even be allowed in 1.0-1.15 but something like sodium doesn't exist for those versions


honestly the mods should just ban optifine entirely. it makes people mad that 1.16 doesn't have optifine yet pre 1.16 does, so they end up making stupid forum posts, and also shouldn't be allowed in the first place. the fact that an external modification that we KNOW fucks w the game is allowed just because some people can't run block game is kinda retarded.


@catsnakecatsnake can just point out that Minecraft is not just a simple block game, it has complex texture entities and at any moment the computer is rendering thousands of things on any decent settings. I can personally attest to this because I used to play on a cheap laptop and now I play on a cheap gaming pc, If I tried to run Minecraft any higher than 16 chunks with bare minimum settings without optifine the game was very laggy and had Constant frame dips, but when I installed optifine I could finally has thing like particles and high render distances. Now that I have a half decent pc I can run 16 chunks and decent graphics without optifine and 32 and amazing graphics with. To conclude not every minecrafter has a $5000 dollar watercooled pc so don’t call them retards.


Bruh. INSANE necropost...


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why not, my friend

and yea is not like you can play minecraft in a calculator like that doom game lol, some people maybe doesnt have it so easy to play smoothly

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It's banned
PS: Dragon, you can play Minecraft on a calculator/


@Leander1234Leander1234 yea i dont think the original minecraft and in a way that you can run well yk

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