So I want to get into speedrunning 1.9+ random seed glitchless but I cant find any timer that works for mac. any suggestions? Thanks.

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I just use the Livesplit One Chrome app, it doesn't have global hotkeys but it works fine for me and it's easy to set up. if you go to one.livesplit.org on Google Chrome you have the option to download it as a Chrome app and once you do that it's quite easy to use.

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If you need an in-game timer, my cross-platform one was just added to the Resources page, so you can use that

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tuxprint in the discord has a timer as well. I think you can msg him


yeah @NinjaSnail1080NinjaSnail1080 's in-game timer on the resources page supports all platforms and versions

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ik this was a year ago but splitter is really good imo


don’t respond to old threads if you have nothing relevant to say

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You can use speedrunIGT which is a speedrun timer mod, you can find it under resources on the speedrun discord

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