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Is TLauncher ok to play on? It has no Hacks or anything that will disturb my gameplay. If I can't, then I won't use it.

Thank you to whoever sees this or replies! 😃


well technically no but we can't really tell if you're playing on a cracked copy lol so like it's illegal but we can't control it ig

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So If I do Submit a Run and it turns out to be fine, will it be accepted?

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can we speedrun minecraft on a cracked version i think cause its the same but free


[user deleted] lol
if you crack the game you are loser

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@MangoBo1MangoBo1 can you please buy the game for me then? It's way too expensive where I live.

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@SpeedNintendoSpeedNintendo Notice that Minecraft (Version) Modded/(Modified) in the Bottom left corner of the home page of Minecraft In tlauncher
This shows it is Tlauncher


bro the games cheap, its literally 30 bucks. If you really want to start speedrunning, then get the actually game

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Whether its cheap or not who cares. Buy the game out of respect for the past 10 years of work Mojang has put into this game. it's not even that expensive. It's literally half the price of most modern games.

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you are not understanding bro,in some places some people just can't buy the game

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then don't play the game. if you cant afford to buy the game go make some money instead of cracking it.

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"go make some money" yeah....


Getting the actual game is recommended but as SpeedNintendo said there is no way for knowing if u used cracked or not. If u can't get the game then ask your parents or something. Anything is better than illegal copies of minecraft.

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@Cadoo_Cadoo_ well if you have time to be checking src then you should have time to make some money. If you don't, why are you here.

Also, I'm pretty sure TLauncher would classify as modded version of the game.


i cant buy the game because my dad is unemployed and he works on uber and recently a guy crashed on his car and he cant work,so its not "just buy the game" or "just make some money", i CANT BUY THE GAME


Then play a different, free game.

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mow your neighbors lawn. go wash your dishes. clean your house. babysit for your neighbor. take care of your neighbors dog while they're out of town.

There ya go. Five ways to make some money without having a job.


I doubt the people who work super hard on this 30 dollar game and their only source of income is people buying the game feel that way 😕

Plus doesn't make it any less illegal.


@SaoriSaori in brazil, where i live anyone have lawn,i wash the dishes and clean the house every day and dont gain nothing,babysitting is not a thing in brazil no one wants a stranger watching their child, my neighbors are rich people how have a maid to do anything