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Umm Minecraft is like half the price of modern triple A console games

like, shovel some snow or do some nice things for your grandparents and you’ll get $27 in no time
I mean y’all really making it sound like you’re paying for our overpriced US healthcare or something OMEGALUL

(ps I’ve always been broke so I know how it feels but come on the game isn’t really expensive all things considered)

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OK this thread was fun to read lol


Also. I am glad i didn't buy minecraft java edition yet, according to what the new minecraft launcher (I got this launcher AFTER getting a copy of minecraft bedrock, so don't ask "How did you get the launcher?") says you will get a free copy of Minecraft's other version, for example i bought minecraft bedrock edition so i will get minecraft: java edition for free if what the launcher says is true AND what i am assuming is also true. SOOO yeah I guess I am pretty lucky.

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Im younger than him and and i bought a 1500Euro PC with my own money (i don't have allowance) how can't he buy Minecraft with 14 than?

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that's sad


@LamasareBRWLamasareBRW bruh there is a lot economical stuff further than the age, not everyone can get 1500€ so easily because "wowowo im 14 i can be rich" lol
you cant even work at that age, wondering where the 1500 come from right (family, stuff yk)
dont care about the tlauncher stuff, but know that you are just lucky in comparition to a lot of other people, 1500 is a big number for someone who doesnt have a job yet (and for someone who has too)

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old owner noth allows it


next one to respond will die


in minecraft of course


oh shi-

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minecarft is too expensive in my Vietnam. In fact, 1$ = 23 000 VND, so 27$ = 621 000VND. Too expensive! So Tlaucher is a great choice (if you don't have money)


^ yeah, when taking average wage in to account that would be like if minecraft was 400 usd in america


also if you want to speedrun on cracked look into cracked multimc launchers. The mods dont have a problem with cracked minecraft its just that tlauncher is modified when compared to the actual game which is why they cant allow it. (also i have seen that its spyware so yeah)


@GreenNotFoundGreenNotFound that is not how money works. if 1$=23k VND, then 23k VND should have the same value as 1$ - i.e. a really small amount of money. saying big numbers does not matter when talking low-value currencies.

In short, if 621000 VND = 27$, then 621000 VND are NOT A LOT OF MONEY KEKW

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yea indeed
that means that a unit of that coin values a lot lot less than the unit of the dollar for example
well, then the money will be used in bigger values
like, i dont know a lot about economical stuff, but if you earn 1000 dolars per month in an american job, i guess there could be people in vietnam with that same job that recieves 230k VND's per month; doesnt mean that you are poor for leaving in vietnam


i play with tlauncher and i got to admit it this it is plagiarism and its still a modded version of minecraft so no u cant speedrun sorry


You can do runs just for fun, dont submit to speedrun.com (because they dont allow it) and when have the original game, do a run to speedrun.com. And yeah, TLauncher is modded indeed.

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