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Even speedrunning has its limit in regards as to what can be achieved. You could also technically play on a full hard drive to glitch it out and hope to get a better time from it.

We (and other communities in general) like to limit stuff to what you can do within the game, as in, not in the menus, and much less outside of the game itself. That is why changing versions and changing difficulties mid run is not allowed.


10. You may not use any program that can generate a map of the seed, so you may not use Minecraft.

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For random seed, can I explore the map(maybe in creative) and recreate a map to run?
That's okay if you've already said "random" means "unknown" insted of just "you can't choose"


Once you know anything about the map it is no longer random, hence AMIDST or creative can't be used in a random seed run.


Is Save/Load(remove bad result) allowed?


Are you allowed to save and quit before taking damage to gain spawn protection and save yourself in a glitchless run?


So for Enter Nether, what if I want to use a version 1.1 seed, so I generated the world in 1.1, didnt move, and immediately closed the game, and opened Minecraft in 1.8.9. Would I be allowed to convert the world and play from that version so I could use my sprint key?


No. That is certainly against the rules


Can I do a run sometimes in optifine and sometimes in vanilla? e.g. create in vanilla and do something,then exit and use optifine to play


What do "kill" mean? as long as it dies it's killed?


Question about "No Mods". Is Optifine Generally allowed? I would probably allow it explicitly because it doesn't change the way that the game is played, and without it being allowed, you are restricting the speedrun to only people who can run Vanilla Minecraft (which excludes myself, my computer sucks).
Another mod I want to ask about the Joypad/Splitscreen Mod. Some people (namely me), prefer to use a Gamepad/Controller through this mod to play, without using an external program (which is terrible to set up, esp. on linux) to remap Controller Inputs to Actual Keys.
Finally I would like to clarify "Any Java Version". Does that mean "Any Java Implementation at any Version", or does it mean "Any Official Java Version". For example, can I use OpenJDK 10 instead of Oracle Java 10. I assume the former is meant, but I would like clarification to ensure I'm not breaking any rules by using OpenJDK.


Optifine is allowed as long as you don't use the zoom for instance, and other settings that changes the gameplay in general 🙃
(For the other questions, I leave it to the mods, don't wanna be wrong)

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Running Minecraft through Steam Big Picture is a pretty simple way to set up controller inputs and mapping. There's already a community made-preset that you can edit yourself.


Is going into the options text and editing the gamma value allowed?


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