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Can I explain in more detail why this is? Without context, I do not understand

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You use it to request leaderboards to be made, like the ones at speedrun.com/mcm_d3 and speedrun.com/mcm_hr

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3rd ;D


Hey AprilSR I was wondering if I could be a moderator for minecraft speed runs because I saw in the world record right now that he changed the difficulty from normal to easy which in the rules it says that is not allowed


It is allowed and also lock this thread

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wait, so you can really use this to request leaderboards? okay okay that was definitely a joke, of course I knew about the leaderboards. Anyways I found these pretty cool prisons servers https://www.servers-minecraft.org/minecraft-servers-prison/ . I really like them, from the concept to the design and the characters too. I've been looking for the "perfect prisons server" for a while now and damn, I found 5, haha. I hope that I managed to help someone here out




@shadow_huntershadow_hunter ye like the link is to purpose there the new map leaderboard thats the point

@TuttereyTutterey _you dont help thanks_

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