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@StarSpeedStarSpeed illumina held wr for 1 year

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see you in 2030 for first ever sub 1


its just a Joke and Cube just pinned it for fun and he didn't Cheat

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There are some jeluos guys wo just say on everything that it's cheated.

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honestly, i think the person posting this was also just joking along the youtube comment joke

and maybe the rest of this thread is also along the joke and i dont get it but yes

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F brentilda WR. One of the best, legendary and godly WR for Minecraft Java Edition that lasted for 279 days.

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bruh lmao. it was a joke. someone needs to take some medication

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Guys ik ripfc's comment was a joke so was my post, i just tried to impersonate chatters reaction

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Why would you bump this


Alright, I'll come out and say that there is no possible way on earth that Cube1337x faked a run. It's really hard to get away with cheating in this day and age, but even if you are running set seed and passing it off as an RSG run, it's so much rarer to find a seed good enough to beat Brentilda's seed than it is to find a good 1.15 Insomniac seed, and that says something.

@AbhirupAbhirup, you saying that ripfc commented "cheated" on the video is a completely nonsensical argument to prove that Cube's run was cheated and spliced. Just because they were friends and knew each other very well does not mean that ripfc knows something that the moderators don't. So, my advice is: before you accuse a run of being faked, go in depth as to WHY you think it's faked, and not go with the basic argument of "Oh He ChEaTeD bEcAuSe HiS fRiEnD sAiD sO" (btw Cube may have pinned the comment because he most likely took it as a joke)

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If he cheated this run, that would mean he'd have to cheat like 50 runs

which would take time and he uploads pretty often so he doesn't have enough time
to set it up.


you know, it can be a bit anoying the general joke-talk in those comunities when there are problems because you dont know what is a joke and what isnt anymore
i cant distinguis who in the thread is joking about the joke of the joke and who didnt understand that it is a joke of a joke or if people is even joking about the jokes along the joke of the joke at this point and im fucking dying help i need a paramedic


when will you understand the meaning of "joke" and "legit" things.
cube pinned that comment as a joke and not to make confusing.
imagine if you were a moderator and say that the run is fake because someone commented "cheated" knowning that the run is completely legit.


(i see the word "joke" about 20 times in this thread lmfao)
People nowadays don't know the difference between a joke and seriousness. If you think it's cheated because of this, then you really have no sense of humor and the community just doesn't deserve you because you can't distinguish a simple joke.