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wait , i dont know anything about a new record ??

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for the confused, the vid is here
great work by cube, second ever 9 minute run which is almost a sub 9 as well, beating a WR that's almost a year old now

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Rip brentilda
If it's true that the run was cheated, brentilda still holds the RSG WR.

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If this was cheated while streaming, cube might've used hack clients before starting the stream.
If this was actually legit,we have to accept that brentilda no longer holds the WR.
GG to Cube for beating it. It took over 9 months to beat brentilda.
Hopefully someone got sub 9 or 8.

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Even if brentilda no longer have WR. He still holds the longest beatable wr on Minecraft speedrunning.

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que paso mis panas? no pude tar aca por que estaba mimiendo xD

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IDK what to say about the new world record but if its real rip brentilda lmfao

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I saw that at 2:30 when he jumps his screen doesn’t shake it might be a glitch but his nausea effects aren’t off.

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very cheated

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i'm gonna come out here and say, joke comment?

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@shin3zshin3z says the guy who used tlauncher in a speedrun

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