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Okok I know this might sound silly but hear me out, I made an account entirely to share this idea.
I recently did a video where I tried to get a lot of dogs in a couple hours and it was actually pretty intense and interesting. I think it'd be a great and very different category than what else is on here, in a way that would make speedrunning seem more approachable to new people(including me).

The way I see it atm, there are only three rules:
-You must start the run on a new world and the timer starts when you enter it.
-It isn't based on how many dogs you have had in total, but how many dogs you have at that current moment. So if I dog dies you they no longer count towards the total.
-When you have XXX number of dogs, you must count them all before ending the run, preferably by having ones that have been counted sit down/stand up. If you realize you don't have XXX dogs you must get to that number and recount again. Even if you were one dog off you must do a full recount.

It has a real resource management game feeling to it that I kind of love.
Having to get all the food you need, get any bones you can find, keep the dogs in check to make sure they don't die, and running around to find more dogs. It only gets more chaotic the more dogs you get so the strategy kind of has to change as you get further in.

I think the number of dogs you need should be anywhere between 50 and 100. Any less will be too easy and any more will take too long imo.
When I did it I was able to get 60 dogs in about 1:46:40, or somewhere around that. (Keep in mind though that was my first time attempting.)

What do you all think? I truly believe in this category and would love to work out any problems it might have, as I'm not too much of a speedrunning expert myself.


Interesting suggestion, but that doesn't sound like it should be a thing on the sr.c leaderboard


I don't know if that would be a cool category to add.

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@LXndxZzZLXndxZzZ i mean why not

a lot of text lol
anyways in first place, this goes for category extensions i guess
reminders anyone about that, no category gets added in the main except version subcategories if necesary

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its a good idea but i don't think it should be a category


I mean it sounds too misc. sorry

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this is stupid


@muu_muu_ Agreed