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Hi, i am new to the speedrun comunity and i joined here because i wanna speedrun, but i am under the age of 18, so can i still submit speedruns?

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technically not since youtube and twitch's guidelines say you need to be over the age of 13 to have a youtube/twitch channel and post videos on there


kingdino youtube and twitch isnt the only video platforms in the world and over the age of 13 is still under 18

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@rottennonamerottennoname lmfao if they older then 13 they don't need to. its legal to collect data of anybody over 13 which is why every online thing ever needs you to be 13 or older. if they're under 13, thats when they need a parent or guarden to clarify. might be different in your country tho


in america its completely legal to be under 18 as long as over 13. you might wanna put your country on your profile, because there are people from all over the world on here

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you should be 13 years old to create a speedrun.com account. That's atleast what I found on src like 9 months ago


You need to be 13 years or older to create a speedrun.com account, as well as to use YouTube or Twitch.

You should be fine if you're under 18 as long as you're 13 or older.

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Don't please ban me because I'm 8 year old!


yea tecncialy legal age of internet is 13, idk how it exactly goes but being 13 years old or older there is no problem
and even being under just never tell so no one can tell
i have spoke with under 13 years people in discord lol


COPPA says you need parental permission or to be 13 years of age. Sr com can have different rules tho

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COPPA deals with privacy, not whether you can sign up to sites at a certain age.

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This thread is literally a year old, and doesn't have anything to do with MC Speedruns.

also wtf i posted to this almost a year ago thats kinda funny

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I’m reporting



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No it's not. Are you a kindergartener cause it doesn't seem you can read.

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