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Pineapple Belongs on Pizza
​Sam Panopoulous invented Hawaiian pizza in Toronto in Canada at the Satellite Restaurant (“Alexandra Bircken XX,” 2019). Hawaiian pizza comprises of ham and pineapple with cheese pizza. Pineapple has been a very controversial notion since its introduction as a pizza topping. In January two thousand and seventeen, after a specific tweet, the argument about pineapple on pizza flared up again on Twitter. Coating pizza using pineapple was a heavily disputed debate amongst individuals throughout the world last year. There are several reasons as to why Pineapple is part of the pizza.
​Pineapple is scientifically proved to belong on pizza even though many individuals believe that fruits have no place on pizza. Pineapples, like tomatoes, are fruits (Boysen, 2019). Nothing like a little sweetness to cut through the saltiness of a salty food like pizza. Pineapple gives the taste profile a much-needed sweet boost.
​In addition to the above, the health advantages of pineapple are numerous. Potassium, fiber and vitamin C are all abundant in pineapple. Vitamin C is vital to avoid scurvy and resentment by boosting immune system (Farid Hossain, 2015). The vitamins plus the minerals aid digestion, blood pressure, and overall wellness. You can't say you don't like topping pizza with something like pineapple that is truly beneficial for you.
​In conclusion, we all like eating a slice or several slices of pizza, but we always regret it after. Pineapple, like other fruits, is a fruit with nutritional value. You'll feel a bit less bad the next time you order an additional piece of pizza. We might not agree, but pizza will remain to be pizza and when you need it most, it will continue to be there to you.

Alexandra Bircken XX. (2019). Feministische Studien, 37(1), 185–193. /https://doi.org/10.1515/fs-2019-0012
Boysen, Y. (2019). Consider Offering Self-Guided Tours. Special Events Galore, 19(3), 4. /https://doi.org/10.1002/speg.31054
Farid Hossain, M. (2015). Nutritional Value and Medicinal Benefits of Pineapple. International Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences, 4(1), 84. /https://doi.org/10.11648/j.ijnfs.20150401.22

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why am i following this comunity...

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@ElectricoytElectricoyt idk is just that this thread is stupid lol
but nope is not stoping 🙂 sorry

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@oo.D.W. ey thats a great concidence!
i have a friend in my school also by the name of Adolph Blaine Charles David Earl Frederick Gerald Hubert Irvin John Kenneth Lloyd Martin Nero Oliver Paul Quincy Randolph Sherman Thomas Uncas Victor William Xerxes Yancy Zeus Wolfeschlegel­steinhausen­bergerdorff­welche­vor­altern­waren­gewissenhaft­schafers­wessen­schafe­waren­wohl­gepflege­und­sorgfaltigkeit­beschutzen­vor­angreifen­durch­ihr­raubgierig­feinde­welche­vor­altern­zwolfhundert­tausend­jahres­voran­die­erscheinen­von­der­erste­erdemensch­der­raumschiff­genacht­mit­tungstein­und­sieben­iridium­elektrisch­motors­gebrauch­licht­als­sein­ursprung­von­kraft­gestart­sein­lange­fahrt­hinzwischen­sternartig­raum­auf­der­suchen­nachbarschaft­der­stern­welche­gehabt­bewohnbar­planeten­kreise­drehen­sich­und­wohin­der­neue­rasse­von­verstandig­menschlichkeit­konnte­fortpflanzen­und­sich­erfreuen­an­lebenslanglich­freude­und­ruhe­mit­nicht­ein­furcht­vor­angreifen­vor­anderer­intelligent­geschopfs­von­hinzwischen­sternartig­raum Sr.

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@KilleDragonKilleDragon oh wow you do?

does he have hippopotomonstroses-quippedaliophobia?

might have the same guy

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@oo.D.W. oh i dont think so
also thats kind of ironic having that name LOL

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pizza will remain to be pizza and when you need it most, it will continue to be there to you.

"if no one got me, i know pizza got me"

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I was born on the day of August 13th, 2001. My childhood began simply enough, learning to walk, talk and play with my many toys. As I began to age, I took up an interest in comedy. At just four years old, I knew many jokes. My favorite joke at the time was “What is the best thing about Switzerland.” “What” “Nothing.” As I aged, I discovered the digital world. I began by playing digital games on websites such as “Cool-Math” and “Scratch”. At just 8 years of age, I discovered social media. I realized that this could be my place to make it as a comedian. I shared my jokes online, and many people seemed to enjoy them. I created a system where I would share 10 jokes a week on a livestream. Soon enough, I was performing my comedy at the school talent show where I got lots of laughs and applause. I began to grow in popularity with my jokes, going as far to tell them to random people on Twitter. My largest joke may have been; “I need a one page essay on DN” “DN?” “DEEZ NUTS.” Many young children online found it funny and I began to gain success as a comedian. I hope to continue my path to be a comedian as my life continues. If I work hard at it, then I can achieve it. I appreciate you reading through my essay.

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It was a cold drousy day, as connor walked in his house he said, "look acnnx" is gay and i said no u, the edn.

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Soviet Union
North Vietnam
South Vietnam
North Yemen
South Yemen
West Germany
East Germany

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Thread locked to prevent further misleading/spam/offtopic/ecc...(not necessarily on topic) arguments to continue.

About "Dream Cheated?!" in general: There is a public proof available (Here for a quick link: https://mcspeedrun.com/dream/ ) that everybody can look, see and make their own mind with it.
This is not the place to discuss/start a discussion about it.

About "Dream admits to cheat": This forum is "Minecraft: Java Edition" Speedrunning, it is not about "Did Dream cheat?/Dream admitted to cheat?!" and this is not the place for it, as it will just create more confusion/useless drama and arguments, so please avoid to recreate other threads like this in the future. Thanks.

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