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Additionally, he seems incredibly salty his older 1.15 runs also got removed yesterday. I am sure that must have been one of the triggers for him posting this. I hear there are also rumors there could be evidence coming to support the removal of these runs?

I don't even really see the point of bringing up the mods, either, I must say. More than half of his textpost is how much he dislikes the mods, when he's the problem. Maybe just don't cheat next time. 🙂

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I see people are taking what Dream said the wrong way completely for the hundredth time

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What pisses me off more is his blind-ass fanbase, saying "Dream isn't perfect, no-one is! You can't blame him for this!" under people commenting about the mods receiving death threats.
I'm not being funny, but even if you're not a perfect person, anybody with good-hearted, non-malicious intentions should 1000% know better than to let innocent people doing voluntary work get attacked for no valid reason. There is a huge difference between not being perfect and literally ignoring a huge, dangerous issue with your fanbase.

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Way long after it’s dead he brings the topic back up to get attention

scummy move to wait this long.
this isnt a apology.

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TLDR : Dream found out that the mod he uses for videos was affecting his RNG in game, which he did not know about at the time, and he accepts the fact that his run was taken down. He also says that the mods were doing the correct thing, and that he's sorry.

Edit: Dream did not "admit to cheating"
He admitted that his run was not legit, but he did not make his illegitimate on purpose.

Before I say anything else, I do not want to argue. I just want to give my two cents and leave.

By definition Dream did not "cheat". He was using a disallowed mod, but he didn't even know that he was.
"Cheat: act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination"
he did act unfairly in a game, but he did not do it to gain an advantage, he didn't even know he was doing it.

Yes, I am a fan of Dream. I like the guy, he's cool. He makes good (imo) videos.
You guys are saying Dream's fans are being rude and then you go and shit on Dream. The hypocrisy.
I never sent death threats to anyone, but at the time of the controversy I unsubbed from Geo bc I was on Dream's side. It makes sense that he "cheated", but if he didn't know the only thing you can fault him for is what he said.
Obviously he said some messed up things but he knows he was wrong and apologized. Stop hating on Dream, he's trying his best. He went from nothing to 20M subs within like a year and a half. There's some things he just hasn't learned yet and will only learn from experience, give him a break.

I know more people here disagree with me than agree but, Stop. Attacking. Dream.
(If I could downvote you guys I would)

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@GrieflessGriefless the first 4 words literally explains it 'to act dishonestly or unfairly ' cos he could not act on something he did not know


@YoloMenace001YoloMenace001 thats 5. also I said I didnt want to argue

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@GrieflessGriefless 1 i put the to for to act or i couldve just put acting but whatever and 2 i was not argueing with you i was agreeing to most stuff that you said


@GrieflessGriefless now, i'm not gonna ask you to argue with me, but imo, dream cheated, cuz he should've been able to notice that his piglin drops were abnormal and he should've been like oh hey this is not supposed to happen, did i accidentally leave my mods on? like, at least the possibility of that should've crossed dream's mind when he got those insane piglin drops as well as some of the blaze rod drops

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You can respectfully beg to differ, but I think Dream was being genuine, and that he was genuinely sorry. I mean, he could've very well just waited and moved on from the situation and that would've been it. He wouldn't have even been affected either way and he knows that, his influence on YouTube and the internet itself would remain and continue to grow. But the fact he actually did owe up and admit to his wrongdoings, and that he said he was an ass at first, is, in my personal opinion; commendable, and very honest.

Also I feel like people take things the extremely wrong way too much. Dream wasn't trying to make excuses or deflect the blame or anything like that. He was just explaining what went down. Is that illegal? It really shouldn't be. He still took accountability to the main issues at hand. They were honest mistakes, you can think what you want but I can tell Dream's most likely a good guy, based off of what's been shown and how he's dealt with controversies. Hopefully the speedrunning community can move on from this, and there won't be controversy surrounding Dream, the mod team, or anyone else.

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dream didn't try to deflect the blame alright after casually going on a tantrum and accusing the verifiers of slander despite them having a 27 page long document with full on maths (PD: that's your opinion and you're allowed to have it btw and i won't attack you for having it but i honestly disagree)

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He did cheat but his ego and who he is doesn't want to admit it, so he made this fake stuff to convince people. Also mods close and ban any discussion of Dream, it's annoying and irrelevant.

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also i just got a god seed with 10 obby in a blacksmith chest that had a iron pic too, i entered at 1.5 minutes and spawned in a fortress but the run died because there was no bastion


pluginL moment

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@MushySRMushySR Yeah, he did do that, and it was very dumb of him. But that was before. And he was just frustrated because he thought he was just getting slandered because he was a YouTuber (you would know this stuff if you read the pastebin.) I mean, he's human like all of us at the end of the day, and if you're getting accused of something, especially if you didn't do it, it's not really a surprising thing if you react frustratingly. He apologized for this several times in the pastebin, and before it too, in tweets and in his response video. I don't see why it's so hard for people to understand creators' mindsets nowadays, and not misinterpret them..

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hmmm, true, that's a fair point