pros and cons for playing on either version?

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1.7 is better for normal strats, 1.8 is better for trading strats

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in 1.8 grass doesn't affect spawns so you can tower in any flat area

in 1.8 the area being very very flat is more important than in 1.7

in 1.8 towers are technically more efficient than in 1.7, but they're really fucking annoying

in 1.8 sheep drop mutton

in 1.8 pyramids don't have wool

in 1.8 it's harder to get good damage from bed explosions

in 1.8 it's easier to get good damage from crystal explosions

in 1.8 you can't eat while breaking blocks, in 1.7 you can

in 1.8 carrots and potatos are nerfed

in 1.8 tower gives you arrows from skeletons

1.7 is better for tower, 1.8 is better for trading.
Altough the best version is 1.4. jk its 1.7 1.8 is bad.