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After watching some runs, I do not want to do Pre 1.9 or 1.16+. I'm planning on doing 1.9-1.15 runs, but I don't know which version is better 1.14 or 1.15. I know a lot of runs use 1.14 but a lot of people use 1.15 and I seem to get better seeds on 1.15. If you could let me know which version of minecraft mod apk to use, that would be amazing!


For most runs, 1.14.4 is the best version because the villagers restock infinitely. 1.15.2 is the best version for a run where most of the trading is done on the first day because the discounts are better, but runs like this are much harder to pull off so to start off, 1.14.4 is the way to go.


1.14 is indeed the best version!


1.14.4 is better if you're not going for top times, but 1.15.2 is less broken and is faster


- good for sub hour/30/25
- better for newer/new to mcsr players
- classic is good for improving mechanics for new players
- classic is generally agreed to be the most “fun”
- infinite restock is good for many flexible but slower strats (ex. double monu hostage, chopping)
- pirate allows for easy 1/3 recovery
- lag, screwed on retime
- less reset heavy

- good for sub 25/22/20/wr
- better for experienced runners from other cats (ex. for combined rsg)
- huge QoL improvement for bad pcs
- several small QoL improvements (toggle sprint, pie chart)
- first day classic and igloo more viable
- very reset heavy - you'll spend most of your time boating or loading worlds

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Also what is mod apk? looks like something for bedrock


mod apk is literally a bedrock mod xd

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dang so many bots on the platform as of late


mod apk is for bedrock, so wrong game ig