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For some reason, OBS isn't recoding sound. also do all runs need in game sound for verifacation?


Only top runs require gameplay audio so it's fine if your run isn't, for example sub13 in 1.16 RSG any%

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I am now realizing I misspelled verification


did you add audio output to your scene? also check if it isn't muted

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If you didn't fix it try the plugin: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/win-capture-audio.1338/
You can setup specific audio sources for Spotify, Minecraft etc. it helps also for streaming, if you don't want a copyright mute in your stream VOD.


also make sure you don't have OBS muted in windows sound mixer


@DevidowDevidow that software would be helpful, however, the issue is that it just simply doesn't work

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