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didnt he already admit to it?

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Mods please l9ck this fucking thread most of us have had enough

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My notifications are dying because of this thread,
A big youtuber like Dream would never fake his speedruns.
If he did, why would he have 20 million+ subs on YouTube?

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@ItsShadzItsShadz Did you even watch the video by Geosquare? It shows clear evidence that his run was faked. The calculations provided by his alleged astrophysicist were also debunked by other individuals.

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Guys just stfu its the past and its been dealt with stop trying to stir up drama and get in with your own lives

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he got sooo lucky dream best mindcraf seedran

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this is bs havent we been through this almost a year already and you still wanna bring it up??? and some of you guys think hes innocent like what the actual hell

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now people are choosing sides... not again 🙁

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Mods please close this page, the amount of idiot Dream stans are making me die.

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imagine if Dream was actually Darth Vader

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Guys I'm sorry to burst ur bubble, but I agree that he cheated...and I've got some proof too...if you look at spike footage for the boat clutch, he already had the boat I'n his inventory....I'm guessing other parts of the speedrun are fake too...

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Also ppl are denying the fact that we think he cheated...he's really popular and I really, really agree with RaiDaNoob. ..

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Also I know that it's kinda hard to believe that Dream DID fake his speedrun, but theres plenty of videos that hold pretty good evedince....also idk why he still has 20 million subs with this rumor going around...

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This stuff happened like 5 months ago just shut up already and yes he faked it

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Thread locked to prevent further misleading arguments to continue.
There is a public proof available that everybody can look, see and make their own mind with it.
This is not the place to discuss about it.
Also, this is a very old discussion, so please don't bring it up again.

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