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Nobody cares that YOU want to remove minecraft from speedrun.com, you are just a useless dumb idiot who is posting dumb stuff about wanting to remove minecraft from speedrun.com it's obvious you just want attention from the minecraft speedrunning community, cuz you have nothing to do rather just complain "minecraft being in speedrun.com and wanting to remove it". Now go do something with your life rather than posting & complaining about dumb stuff.

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yes, i support minecraft being banned on speedrun.com

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Hey, buddy. there's something called an opinion. Just because you dislike the game doesn't mean it should be deleted, invalidating all the hard work from mods and runners. That's stupid. If you don't like the game and its community, don't interact with us? WeirdChamp

edit: thanks for the gold reddit Kappa

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odiz congrats on wr

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@EeeZeePeeZee08 Splish splash your opinion is trash I don't even run Minecraft but he's just really annoying