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You can’t just speedrun random crap in Minecraft! That barely even counts as a speedrun! I want both Java and Bedrock edition to be banned because:

1. People here are stupid and over dramatic.
2. It takes way too much effort for useless runs.



Minecraft is just cool, so it's possible that people are dramatic, but some people just have fun with cool or even easy Speed-Runs!

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is this a joke?(probably yes,this man has subway surf in his runs)

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bruh this is the dumbest post this game has ever seen. people need to get a brain or sense of humor and stop trying to be funny

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pizza time stops

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oh no people like to play a video game :shocked emoji: this can simply just not be!

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Games: Exist to be played
Random Karen: Noooooooo!! i only like subway surf anything i suck at needs BAN!!!

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'You can’t just speedrun random crap in Minecraft!'
Bruh, 90% of the games in speedrun.com have at least 1 unnecessary/random category, including most of the games this guy speedran.

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you call the people here stupid and over dramatic, and yet you propose banning minecraft from the leaderboards
does that not seem a bit over dramatic?
also, you say running minecraft takes too much effort? whats even the point of running a game if it takes no effort?

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bro you speedrun Subway Surfers thats like me gloating over my FIFA 19 world record dfkm

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Speedruns are suppose to take lots of effort. When I started speedrunning minecraft it took me 5 days to get a score that wasnt a hour long. Stop whining speedrunning takes effort and win yourself a actual good speedrun.

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The game is popular because it is a good speedrun and good for casual play in general. You can't just expect to be the best in the world when there are hundreds of people and many that have ran the game for many years.

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The thing is, speed running can be whatever you want. It can be arbitrary, stupid and also downright fun. There’s no real way to speedrun. It’s all about the community and the runners themselves if they want or don’t want to do certain categories. You can’t put a definition on speedrunninf because it reality it can be whatever you want it to be

Welcome to my TedTalk

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