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Now that sodium build 18 is allowed in speedruns, what do you guys think about the vanilla video settings over the sodium menu? I personally prefer the small and compact approach of the sodium menu

Heres the official leaderboard changelog message if you don't know what i am talking about: https://discord.com/channels/83066801105145856/765767120008773662/978884332695470080

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i think the older versions of sodium should be banned cause now that pauses are timed you can move through the menus faster/slower on the old versions


The older versions are already banned, runs are now getting rejected when using Sodium build 17

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@Mika_MDFMika_MDF "Any 1.16.1 runs using versions of Sodium prior to Sodium 1.16.1 Backport 0.2.0+build.18 that are performed after June 24, 2022 6:00 PM will be rejected."

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well, the sodium menu looks clean, but i don't mind using the vanilla one now


For some reason when I went to download sodium 18 the file says sodium 8 as well as in f3