i dont know if anyone has suggested this yet, but i think there should be a run for just how fast you can die

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lol that is actually a pretty good idea

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We need more people like you

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honestly thats a cool idea but the times would be so close together

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Im surprised there’s not a category like this in every RPG.

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Time would be close together but just time with milliseconds, competition would still be present

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this was added once as an april fools joke, and then everybody got sad when it was removed. its not coming back, but if you really want to run it there is an unofficial leaderboard that you can submit to here:
its random seed only, set seed literally reached the perfect time

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It existed in the past but is now gone I'm personally not for it but it's up for the mods

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The amount of submissions would be obnoxious. I dont think the verifiers would enjoy to see people dying for hours on end.

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Yes, but It would be a quick verify. Less than a 2 minute run.

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Yeah you could just spawn in lava and the run will be over in only a few seconds


It would be the advancement that improves speedrunning by at least 75.6234%, according to my calculations. We need Die%.

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Not sure if you’re sarcastic or not, @kaziikazii, but I somewhat agree with you. We need die% to an extent of how long the category would be.

First of all, the moderators would get flooded with notifications from runs and the limit would be reached pretty quick. On the other hand, this category would probably be the most popular and have hundreds upon hundreds of runs a week.

Second of all, what would be the point of having a category where you just die? You need to have certain circumstances in which the player can die (ex. lava, skeleton, etc.) but there shouldn’t be too many, so they should be more generic. (ex. drowning, enemy) those are my thoughts.


just learn a real category instead of trying to make up some no skill category like die% when we already have a bunch of short, arbitrary runs on the Category Extension leaderboard.

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Not meant to be taken seriously but death% would genuinely have competition, along with that it wouldn't take ages to verify. Since people would run it and it would have competition it should be added. My thoughts.

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Only high iq individuals can understand die%

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set seed would be dummy easy, random seed on the other hand would have competition


i casually have the unoficcial wr for this category cof, cof ( ) cof. The category will probably never added, but it is a very funny meme 😛

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Now that I’ve seen it, set seed shouldn’t exist. It’s kind of like 5 hotdog% in Kirby Air Ride.

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