-Ender Dragon Bed Method Training [MAP][DOWNLOAD]

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If you're a random seed speedrunner you'll probably reach a moment, when you'll be forced to practice a bed method of killing the ender dragon to improve your time.
For some tips about timing, hitboxes, etc. you should open a guide called "1 Cycle Ender Dragon Kill Short Video Guide" made by DKEN or "1 Cycle Ender Dragon Kill Video Guide" made by VisionXS.
But after all, you have to launch your game and use already-acquired knowledge. But you may notice a few annoying things about practicing a bed method on a new world like:

- Ender dragon won't land on a portal for a couple of minutes
- You have to refill your equipment after every attempt
- You may be killed by enderman

So I decided to make a map, where you can improve better.

Map info:

You gonna spawn in the small room with several buttons.
With red buttons, you can pick how many beds you want to have in the dragon fight. (5-9 beds)
With a lever, you are able to disable/enable mob spawning. By default, it's turned off.
With the green button, you'll spawn on the island with items and an ender dragon.


After you press the green button you're going to be teleported on the island with every needed item and ender dragon. After a while, you'll notice a green text on your screen "Restart the world".
You may ask why? So basically you don't have to do that. But without that, you won't see the hp bar of ender dragon. In deep inventory, you also have a redstone torch if you put them in your hand you can teleport to lobby after failure.


The link for download is in the description.


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