Set up Co-Op Speedrun Server

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Version 1.5.0 is out.

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Minecraft Speedrun Server

This project provides a better startup for a speedrun server as it can automatically:

- Delete the world folder after stopping the server
- Rename the world folder after stopping the server to persist previously played worlds
- Restart the server
- Turn off auto-save to prevent the lag every 5 minutes
- Move datapacks to the world folder
- Set the seed from a list of seeds sequentially
- Load a specific world for All Advancement runs


- JRE 8 installed
- Node LTS installed
- Working Vanilla Minecraft Server
- `speedrun.json`, `Server.bat`/`` and `server.js` downloaded


- Put `speedrun.json`, `Server.bat` and `server.js` in the root folder of your minecraft server
- Edit your `` and set the following entries:
- spawn-protection=0
- allow-flight=true
- level-name=world

_Note: Enabling flight will prevent random disconnects when traveling too fast via boat, riding a horse or other activities._

- Edit `speedrun.json` with your desired settings. This is the only downloaded file you should change.

"MIN_RAM": 8, // Minimum allocated RAM in GB, -Xms
"MAX_RAM": 10, // Maximum allocated RAM in GB, -Xmx
"OP": ["Notch"], // List of operators
"WHITELIST": ["Notch"], // List of whitelisted players
"DATA_PACK": false, // set to true, if datapacks should be copied into the world
"SEEDS": ["-9223372036854775808", "9223372036854775807"], // List of set seeds that are played one by one, set [] to disable this option
"AUTO_SAVE": false, // Turn off to prevent 5 minute lag
"KEEP_WORLDS": false, // Turn on if worlds should be renamed instead of deleted
"LOAD_WORLD": "world_2021-05-21_15-31-24", // Set world folder name that should be loaded on server start instead of deleting/archiving the world.
"JAR_NAME": "server.jar" // Set this value in case you use a different jar, e.g. by using a fabric server.

## Defaults, if not set

"OP": [],
"DATA_PACK": false,
"SEEDS": [],
"AUTO_SAVE": false,
"KEEP_WORLDS": false,
"JAR_NAME": "server.jar"

- Type in `/exit` to stop the server completely or simply use the exit button of the terminal.

# Datapacks

In order to automatically add datapacks to your world on each restart, add a folder named `datapacks` to the root of your
minecraft server and put the unzipped datapacks inside and enable it in the `speedrun.json` config.

# Set Seeds

Add seeds to the `SEEDS` list, if you want to restart the world with set seeds. On each restart, the first seed of the list will be loaded and removed from the list.
This is really helpful, if you want to do some speedrun battles with a pool of set seeds.

# All Advancements

Set `AUTO_SAVE` and `KEEP_WORLDS` to `true` while resetting for a good seed. Once a playable seed is found,
set `LOAD_WORLD` to the world folder name of that world to prevent future resets.


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