Dream finally admits to cheating
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Dream finally admits to cheating
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i swear theres a post on this thread every 2 seconds wtf

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yea, like a 16th place run was cheated

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@SSG_Yeetboi_2010 I mean the placement doesn't really matter tbh. Also at the time when it was verified at first it was 4th or 5th, and it was also on pace for a world record even, but Dream got unlucky with one of his ender eyes breaking.

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@SSG_Yeetboi_2010 lets go 10 year old dream stan who didnt read what dream said in the twitter post, im pagging

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say what you want, dream didnt mean to cheat

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@LUMLTPM My fucking god... You really think he didn't intentionally leave a mod in there without checking the folder? tbh he's lied and lied and this time is no different. But at least he admits to cheating.

can't wait for the stans to flood in at which point I will probably think about getting the word 'dream' banned in this forum. [maybe slight /s cause idk if they'd [src admins] do that]

[edit: also can two-year-olds stop making threads on here about Dream tysm]

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I have a question for everyone. After Dream's tweet, will you continue to watch Dream's videos?

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@Eymen179 The opinion may be unpopular (especially here,) but I think his content is really entertaining and that the speedruns being cheated were an honest mistake. I don't blame people at all for being skeptical that he might be lying though. I also think he's misinterpreted in most other situations and whatnot. Personally, I will continue to watch his content.

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Those that actually believe Dream's new narrative - you are very gullible. This is clearly an attempt to squirm his way out of the situation with the "best bet"-excuse. These weren't mistakes. He knew what he was doing. His initial animosity is pretty telling in and of itself, and not the acts of an innocent person.

He's been thinking about what excuse to make up for the past 6 months and this is the best he could do.

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i mean of course its possible but i personally just think its bs

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I especially found it hilarious how one of his replies to the accusation of using a mod to cheat in last year's Pastebin was "oh, but I don't even know how to make mods!" when he (as he also discloses in this post) had his own dev hired to make mods for him at this very time, including a mod that was capable of doing the exact thing he was accused of. His excuse about the mod initially only working in multiplayer is also completely horse-shit based on how Fabric works - the single-player client contains both a logical client and logical server and does not need any additional modification to "enable" a mod to work in a "single-player" world (a physical client). They simply work. It's just a word soup he put together to create a "plausible" narrative.

He knew exactly what he was doing.

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Yeah, he's kind of an idiot because he doesn't even think through his excuses and stuff, everything he says can be easily debunked. Really disgusting how much he tries to manipulate everybody, and I know this has been said before, but him going after korbonoes is one of the worst things I've seen in the community, especially when Korbonoes is probably one of the most trustworthy players ever. Also Dream's manhunts have been getting incredibly repetitive and boring, just find something else to do.

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@LukeSaward @NouNou @NoOrdinaryStix ever heard of, if you've nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. :)

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the pastebin is gone, and before some of you go off like "LOL HE DELETED IT CAUSE HES SCARED" or some shit

as much as i despise dream at times, he did not delete his post, he said in a twitter post that pastebin staff took it down due to mass reports

and while you might be saying "well he is lying blahblahblah"

he is not He did it on a GUEST account. You can't delete your posts as a guest unless you set an expiration date, which, there was no expiration date. So it wasn't Dream.

heres your web archive for proof https://web.archive.org/web/20210530144914/https://pastebin.com/7nfjLwi3

again, i dislike dream, but i just had to put that out there.

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Guys, this is getting way out of control. I am not a hater or supporter of Dream, but his speedrun is pretty much of not much importance because it occurred a really long time ago. Plus, he had a 19 minute speedrun when the WR is 17 min in 1.15. If we could forget about it and have this community to be a better and less toxic place, that would be awesome.

Thanks, CLandusH

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Good luck getting people of these leaderboards to be even 0.0000001% less toxic

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jese i was kidding

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