Question about IGT + XBOX ONE DVR (1hr segments)
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Question about IGT + XBOX ONE DVR (1hr segments)
Victoria, Australia

โ…˜ of the way through an %All Worlds (Critical) run using the Xbox One DVR + USB 3.0 to record 1 hour long segments for evidence.

I am somewhat aware of the basic mechanics that mess up IGT accuracy, so have been avoiding menu pausing and pressing continue etc.

Question 1: Is my run technically dead if there were some sort of break between recordings? (Eg: Record 1hr, toilet break, record 1hr) This includes using save states to regain footage/igt accuracy.

Question 2: If the run isn't dead due to the above reasons; will I have to upload each segment seperately, or am I able to compile all the videos in to one? (Knowing that submitting the run would have to include the fact that it's segmented)

Question(s) 3: (Not applicable if run's dead @Q1) Knowing that full runs (attempted/recorded start to finish) are a bigger feat than segmented runs for obvious reasons: Do segmented runs compete with full runs on the same leaderboard? Are there penalties for segmented runs to combat fairness for full runner's? (Assuming the segmented runner hasn't edited footage to manipulate RTA?)

Apologies if any of these questions have been covered in any other sub-forum or FAQ thread.


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Washington, USA

I'd let a mod confirm for sure, but a general rule of thumb is that runs aren't segmented. Segmented runs, spliced together or not, are a way that some people attempt to cheat. I'm not saying you are, just saying that is how a common practice is done.

If you want to run on console I'd suggest either streaming to twitch/youtube so you don't have to interrupt your run, or invest in a capture card so you can record it all in one go on a PC/Laptop.

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Victoria, Australia

Absolutely! Even without confirmation, it's a very reasonable reply. So thank you for taking the time to read on and give me something to work on.

I think I may of misinterpreted some runs as they were submitted with parts, but they're still very much a straight run from start to finish. I also believe I may of been too eager when seeing the catagory rules and had completely disregarded initial FAQ's.

Although I didn't upload or submit a run for verification, I'm glad I'm learning the important things now before embarrassing myself ๐Ÿ˜…โœŒ

I suppose I could attempt the 100 Acre Woods RTA with this Xbox DVR setup until I get a CC ๐Ÿ˜‹


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Lower Saxony, Germany

For this game, due to how IGT is handled, you would not be allowed to make a Save, leave the Game and reload the save later throughout the day. Aside that however, you generally want to have one full video recording your run from start to finish when doing a speedrun. Having segments or multiple videos (especially if they are more than 2) can easily result in a run not being verified.

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