DLC Category Poll: EZ Codes any%
3 years ago

There has been a decent amount of interest in any% runs with EZ Codes. The question is, should there be sub-categories, and if so, which ones?

  1. No sub-categories. One leaderboard for all any% EZ Codes runs regardless of difficulty or NG/NG+. Fastest way would be to do this would be on NG+ Critical. Runs could still be filtered based on difficulty and NG/NG+.

  2. Difficulty and NG/NG+ sub-categories. This would result in 4 categories of EZ Codes: Crit NG and NG+, Beginner/Standard/Proud NG and NG+. Due to the minimal difference between beginner, standard and proud when using EZ Codes, they would be grouped into one.

  3. Only difficulty sub-categories. Similar to above, but no split between NG/NG+ which means 2 categories total. Could filter between NG/NG+ runs still. For top times, you would want to run NG+.

  4. Only NG/NG+ sub-categories. Same idea as above. Could filter between difficulties still.

In case people have any other ideas related to this, I'll leave the thread open. Vote by liking a post below. Also vote if more suggestions come up.


No sub-categories, only one leaderboard.

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Difficulty and NG/NG+ sub-categories.

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Only difficulty sub-categories.


Only NG/NG+ sub-categories.