Application for KH3 Moderation Team
3 years ago

Due to Oh_Snap deciding to step down as a leaderboards moderator for KH3, we are looking for another moderator to our team. The process and requirements are a combination of this thread: with changes based on feedback from this thread:

The base requirements of a moderator will be as follows:

  1. People coming forward are required to have run at least two non-arbitrary categories in the game and rank in the top 33% of the most popular category.
  2. People coming forward need the backing of at least 2 other runners in the game (Can have ran any category and rank anywhere)

Moderators will be required to:

  • Actively log into at the bare minimum of once a week unless a reason is given for your in-activeness.
  • Actively engage in any problems the game may have as well as feedback any community concerns or worries.
  • Review runs in a timely manner.

If you meet these requirements and wish to become moderator for KH3 please post a short summary of why you feel you would be good for the mod position. If you wish to support someone's application to be a KH3 moderator please like their post.

The application and nomination phase will last until February 20th 23:59 GMT, followed by the moderation elections lasting one week.

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North Carolina, USA

I wish to apply for this position. I have only been a member of the community since October, but since then I have earned WR in KH3 Crit Any% as well as done many things to help move the community forward (discovering the EXP glitch, contributing and managing the Data Org Speedrun playlist). I have never felt more welcomed in an online community than I do here in the KH speedrunning community, and I would like to give back to this community by being a part of the moderation team.

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I would like to apply, I'm active in the community since release, participated in the routing of multiple categories, and I understand the game well to bring good ideas on how to go about the leaderboards, solve problems and help other runners.

I'm currently 7th in Beginner any%, 2nd in Beginner Lucky Emblems% and 1st on Platinum Trophy%.

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