General Routing Thread
4 years ago

This thread will eventually host all the general routing to do with world order, menus, shopping trips, and general item usage.

Please feel free to send me item location lists so I can pop them in the OP while we look for optimal routes.

Chest locations and items:

Growth abilities:

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General observations:

Left then right path seems optimal as it gives you MP combo plus at level 2 / elemental boosts / leaf bracer as well as high magic

Meteor Rod is broken

Cancelling out of a fight in gummis refreshes all your boosts

little UFO is hit based so being a higher level doesn't make too much of an impact.

Air slide is the fastest form of movement in end game.

You can get the best magic ring in the game near a waterfall in Port Royal not out the way at all

You can get Corona keyblade upgraded four times before monstropolis final boss without going too far out of your way

Edit: Mirage finisher should not be used in the final fights its slow and does nothing.

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4 years ago

this chest is a megaether, In the same room, I think both are worth grabbing


So hey level 7 carona is easy

So initial route looks like this

Station of awakening, left path then right path

OC (steal items/backtrack slightly for ring)

TwT upgrade OC twice

corona upgrade corona twice/magic 3 ring in town /2 ether on boss)

Toybox just dies

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Just a general skip to avoid forced slow walk part:

Also just general route thoughts on early game

Either: Go to TB first and upgrade star seeker once for use there (Havent tested but maybe have enough materials to upgrade Star Seeker 2 more times in tangled and then still have enough for 4 Corona upgrades in Monstropolis) or Go to Tangled first and upgrade star seeker once and OC once (Go to TB second and upgrade 3 times Corona)


I really don't think TB first is worth it given you miss out on the 3 magic ring and you can upgrade OC twice.

Current route

Station of awakening:

left path then Right path


2 AP Boost 2 Ether water cufflink potion 2 floride 1 2 focus recovery 1 elixir

Use Ship against the town boss Use waterza spam against rock titan Use Comet vs Fire titan / finish off with waterza and fire spam vs ice titan Gun command vs wind titan


Upgrade OC keyblade once after demontide Spam chariot/waterza on powerwilds / mansion fights Full recovery in Underground waterway Ether / Floride in forest


Upgrade TT keyblade twice at start of world. Aero kills dandelions instantly

2 floride 2 chests 2 ether chests +3 Magic chest in the town

Fire spam vs long hair use 2 ethers Chariot against mob fights

GUMMI MENU AFTER CORONA - simple cube 8 guns, a thruster and a cockpit for maximum damage / speed.

Toy box

everything dies to fire spam at this point mechs for movement are faster make sure to equip TT before entering mechs for lucky lucky Upgrade corona three times after cactus 3 floride 1 ether

Shotlock after MP runs out on big ufo

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Here's some sick movement @Washeyy found for Arendelle mountain climb

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An update Toy Box before Tangled IMO.

Reason: Toy Box 3 fights outside of mech (where damage matters) Tangled think I counted 9 (if splitting monkeys and chariot into 2)

Toy Box gives Thunder really useful for clearing weak mob fights such as any fight with the little seeds in Tangled

Toy Box has a Fire Boost ring and unlocks second accessory slot. Which puts you in a stronger position against UFO than vs Tangled Heartless. Tangled Heartless if done first you have 3 magic. UFO you have 3 magic and 2nd fire boost.

The TT keyblade is also good at dealing with the UFO due to its max focus teleporting you above the targeted enemy. And combined with the fact with Tangled second you can DM skip the boss completely and melt him.

Hard to estimate it based off when I did the route switch because each run I may be saving time just due to playing better, but I think it saves roughly 2-4 minutes

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Back to the drawing board on my route, thanks for the great info snap :D


fresh fruit compote - 6mp 1 magic for MINC / Frozen Crepe Suzette - PR / BH6 / Final fights gives +2 magic and +4 MP - adamant locations for corona 10

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That mega elixer posted above is not avalible without a revist so most likely not worth it unless there is a point where going back for it is faster then just fighting.


Upgraded weapons for Donald / Goofy.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay be worth picking up?

Something that I've noticed is you can store your keyblade transformations. Simply activate the keyblade then switch to another keyblade and it will still be transformed. Might become really useful if a strat is discovered that can use the finishes.


New food route

End of TT buy 2 chocolate mouses

Eat chocolate mouse before leaving TT Eat second chocolate mouse at start of KoC

At start of MINC buy 2 fresh fruit compote

Eat one at start of MINC One after let it go in Frozen

At first moogle in port royal buy 2 crepe Suzettes

Eat one before Davy Jones Eat last one before org fights


Idk if anyone notice but is faster spaming superjumps while runing in the walls is a small optimization

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4 years ago

Draz at the end of TT Food isn't available I'm pretty sure, I think you have to do it first moogle in TB

After finishing KH3 tonight I have found that there are two things that either will have to have to discover a skip for or some good routing.

Beware these contain odd spoilers but not really

The first is the 300 white crabs in The caribean world. I feel the sliding part will be included it seems very fast. Also from my personal experience I would highly suggest for limited underwater. (Underwater swimming is a pain in the rear at least when getting the crabs from the floor) Unless it ended at the dock where you turn them in. Not sure if this can be done or not.

The second is the 111 sora part. if you don't understand what i mean by this keep playing im trying not to spoil. I think the main key is to leave the top for the end this will have to be counted and routed but like with the crabs you might be able to get the last sora right before exiting this. I will need to check.

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Testing ruining everyone's routes again by working on Frozen before MINC. I have a proper timing of MINC time save, but forgot to time until like half way through Frozen. Will update with proper timings.

Reasoning for testing: -Frozen grants 3rd accessory slot -Has a 4 magic ring chest -Gives Thundara (MINC is just a weak mob rush so really good for every MINC room except electric room)

Tested that you can still relatively comfortably skip wolf's 2nd DM Max Focus and Fire Spam is still effective at clearing most things in Frozen. By end of Frozen you are not missing any effective Magic stat only Fira/Simba

MINC time save was about 6 minutes for my quick test (obviously will have some error just because was against my pb), this one will definitely be closer than the TB/Corona order

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Sarah for 300 crabs the best strat is to get a bunch on the way to the jail then there is like 100 crabs in a mob fight by the jail if you get 300/300 crabs the game auto saves and you can suicide there to warp to the ship

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poping this routing idea from pestilent today

toystory first go until the save point before the boss leave go beat carona then beat toystory boss so you have mirage staff and all the bonus' from carona makes the boss melt this might also make cutting one alorite from the route early and skip leveling star seeker