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You'll have to explain what that expansion pak is because I have no idea what's going on here o.0
Is that pak specific to this game or is that a general N64 thing? I never had one so I don't really know how that works.


The expansion pak and jumper pak are N64 specific add-ons, the jumper pak comes with every N64 and is just place holder hardware for the expansion pak. It doesn't improve the N64's power its just the standard N64 tech. The expansion pak can be put in the same slot to replace the jumper pak and it improves textures, frame rates, console's graphical power, etc. Certain games are actually required to play with the expansion pak such as Donkey Kong 64 and Majora's Mask and other games are only recommended for using it so the games will run a bit better on the system. In Infernal Machine the level Sol's Mines is a very Graphically advanced level so if you can only play it if you have the expansion pak in, so what you do when you get to the level is shut off the console, take out the expansion pak and insert the jumper pak, then turn on the game, start the level in it will automatically skip the level for you becasue you don't have the expansion pak in. Then in the next level you can put the expansion pak back in so the game runs more smoothly and crashes less

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Wow, that's a next level trick right there 😮
Cool to know! Thanks for explaining!


Hey guys,
I just want to share an alternative skip to the elevator at the beginning in Babylon. It's possible to jump directly up to the elevator. I've still got my problems with the morph jump and this skip is easier for me and it's even a bit faster. After a view tries I can get it done constantly. So here's a video: https:/​/​www.​dropbox.​com/​s/​hs9wfm23ngt1xgn/​Babylon​%20alternative​%20skip.​mp4?dl=0


It looks good, nice find. But does it work with 20 fps?


Yup, I already tried it at 20fps and it works.