Glitchless/No Major Skips category (glitch catalogue) and rules discussion
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Glitchless category:

  • Glitches defined in points 1.) and 2.) are NOT allowed

No Glitches/Major Skips category:

  • Glitches and skips that are listed from points 1.) to 3.) are NOT allowed!
  • Minor skips or broken animations listed in 4.) can be used
  • All important items listed in 5.) must be collected and used as they were intended to

1.) Major Glitches: Chalk glitch: Making a mark with the chalk out of a roll makes Indy invulnerable to fall damage and for some reason you can walk in areas that have death zones in them. Also makes Indy move during cutscenes on some occasions. Rolling glitch: Equip a weapon (grenades, satchels or whip not working) and press quickly shoot + hold roll-button + (forward or left or right) + any direction and Indy will morph in a weird jump which is in most cases longer than the high jump. You can also access some normaly unaccessible windows because of the morphing. Backroll glitch: When you roll backwards and the animation finishes, Indy loses all momentum. That basically resets the fall distance, so you end up basically tripling the distance you can fall without dying. Wall/Door Clipping: It is possible to clip through a lot of walls/doors by running/crawling against them or moving left right while doing so or even activating buttons from the other side of the wall. In nearly all cases it requires very high FPS (at least higher than 75). Forward-/Sideroll glitch: When rolling forward or to the side, holding back arrow with combination of side arrows after the jump makes Indy land safe on the ground. This doesn´t work in all levels though.

2.) Minor Glitches:

  • Sometimes using Taklits part you don´t take damage even if the bar has reached the limit.
  • Crawling onto a lift and standing up makes the game adjust your Z-Coordinate somehow and you move up instead of down. You can hit the end boss (Olmec Valley) twice with the same lift.
  • Using items while rolling/jumping is not allowed. You can place the Marduk head (Infernal Machine) from the wrong side and skip fall damage while placing the mirror (Teotihuacan)
  • Using shortcuts to access areas that were intended to be locked are not allowed (in Sols Mines you can get to the blue gem early while the invisible water barrier is still there before unlocking it with a cutscene or you can jump on a broken pillar to get to the green gem room, causing rendering glitches because you are normally supposed to dive under water and access that room from below)

3.) Puzzle/Item skips: Palawan Volcano:

  • Skipping pulley by running on steel rope Palawan Temple:
  • Tricking Lava Boss to skip Taklits part. Jeep Trek:
  • Not getting the missing plank for the second damaged bridge. Pudovkin:
  • Skipping all/any machine part and the equipment.
  • Jumping onto the crane hook instead of picking up the crate with the crystal for Azerims part and use it. King Solomons Mines:
  • You can skip getting the oil can by jumping to the edge of the broken railbridge and you can skip getting the red gem, because you can somehow finish the level without using it. Return to Peru:
  • Activating the falling boulder cutscene by jumping out into safety after standing in the hole where the stone fell out before, skipping whipping the statue later and getting the spear.

4.) Allowed shortcuts/skips General:

  • Rolling into a climbing animation
  • Using items while running Canyonlands:
  • Jumping to the ledge on the other side instead of the intended shimmy to the left then jumping to the other side. Babylon:
  • In the library making a few backsteps and jump up instead of pushing the block and then going up from this block. Tian Shan River:
  • Crawl at the side of the railing and get into raft in the machinery room Shambala Sanctuary:
  • Jump straight to the balkony where the plant is after you get the key, instead across all the platforms. Palawan Lagoon:
  • Jumping backwards out of the window on the ship instead of going out through the door. Palawan Volcano:
  • You can move while the "picking up the key animation" is still going in Palawan Volcano. Palawan Temple:
  • Ignoring the boulder, by running against the wall next to it and jumping on ropes, stones, palm trees, skipping ladders...
  • Jumping into the double boulder room, skipping a cutscene Jeep Trek:
  • Ignoring the first damaged bridge by hitting the right edge with full speed before you take off.
  • Bumping into stones/walls to elevate the Jeep. Meroe:
  • Skip long shimmy section with the same trick as in Babylon described above instead of pulling out the block and pressing the button on the other side.

There are also more tiny glitches like some temporary broken animations, but they don´t give any advantage and can´t be really completely avoided through out a run.

5.) List of important items (cs) = you get item in a cutscene 1: potsherd(cs), sophias gear(cs) -- 2 2: key-explosives room(cs), 3 tabloids, marduk statue -- 5 3: raft, 4 candles -- 5 4: key-treasury(cs), monastic seal, key-plant door, plant, urgon part -- 5 5: machete, shovel, arming device, hammer, key-cabine, crank, propeller -- 7 6: key-lava room, key-sophia, pulley -- 3 7: shark key, 2 tiki statues, monkey key, taklit part -- 5 8: wooden plank -- 1 9: water key, 3 idols, mirror -- 5 10: azerim part -- 1 11: taklit part, equipment, urgon part, azerim part, crank wheel -- 5 12: chain, bucket, firewood, wheel, watch, crystal eye(cs), gasoline -- 7 13: fuse, key-gem room, key-locker, oil can, 3 gems -- 7 14: arm, bronce key, bronce gear(cs), nub part, nubs eye -- 5 15: nub part, azerim part, urgon part, taklit part, horse head -- 5 16: tool from beyond, mirror, medallion, 3 gems -- 6 17: raft, key-spear room, spear, idol -- 4

  • Total: 78 items
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I heard a pretty good explanation once from a glitchless speedrunner in the Ocarina of Time community that distinguishes what makes certain techniques a "glitch", while others are not (at least within the rules of that community). So this is just my opinion, and of course the rules for this particular game could be completely different if desired.

If a technique introduces a new game mechanic, it is considered a glitch. I interpret this to mean that if a technique modifies the intended behavior of Indy or his environment, it is a glitch. For example, using the chalk out of a roll jump allows Indy to avoid taking fall damage (when he normally would) and survive standing in a death zone (when he should be killed instantly) -- I would say that this modifies the intended behavior of both Indy and the environment, so it should be considered a glitch. Also, something like clipping through a wall modifies the intended behavior of the environment (since walls should be solid), and would also be glitches.

However, if a technique uses only existing game mechanics, it is not a glitch. Something like the jump shortcut in Canyonlands that allows you to skip the shimmy ledge, I would not consider a glitch. It involves only jumping and grabbing a ledge, which are both perfectly intended behaviors for Indy. The developers may have not foreseen that Indy could make such a jump successfully, but it is perfectly possible without modifying any game mechanics. So in my opinion skips like this should be allowable.

In my opinion, a "glitchless" category should not necessarily impose any restrictions regarding skipping puzzles or items -- if they can be skipped using only intended game mechanics as described above (albeit in unintended ways), that should be allowable in a strictly "glitchless" category. For example, banning the chalk glitch would have everything to do with game mechanics, and nothing to do with skipping most of the Canyonlands level. There could be other categories such as "no major skips" that impose such restrictions.

But of course, all this is just my humble opinion -- it doesn't necessarily have to apply to this game.

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Well nothing is set in stone yet. Most of the big skips have the major glitches involved anyway, but I agree some minor things don´t need to be seen as glitches, like those that are marked with (?) for example with the backroll trick at the boss fight being the exception and some map glitches. In the end the one who decides to do a glitchless run will have to properly define it here, these are just some suggestions.

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sorry for the long absence. we will try and help out as soon as possible. as a token of me and brendon's appreciation for your hard work we feel that you should be the first super moderator for the PC version.

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Thanks and btw maybe you or Brendon could create a seperate topic for N64 glitches/shortcuts/skips. i think people who specifically search for N64 stuff would find it easier that way.

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Glitchless category finally defined! If anything is missing or is unlear, feel free to point it out.

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Good work. I've just got one small addition for Infernal Machine: After you take Marduk's head and take the elevator down, you can roll forward and put in Marduk's head from the wrong side like I did in my run. I think this also shouldn't be allowed

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@HeilanMo I agree, you can also do the same thing in Teotihuacan by jumping down to the mirror at the end, avoiding taking damage or dying. And even at the statues place you can jump do the same trick. So placing items while rolling/jumping should not be allowed, while placing items while running like in Palawan Lagoon at the places you can dig out should be fine imo because you don´t glitch anything.

Edit: Points 2.) and 4.) in the glitch catalogue updated.

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In @4enki s attempt today there was some unclarity in the "King Sols Mines" level wether going to get the blue gem early without activating the cutscene that is supposed to unlock this area is allowed or not. There is also a similiar thing with the green gem which causes some rendering glitches.

I think since it is a "glitchless" run that should try to glitch as little things as possible and complete things as "intended" as possible, this should not be allowed. One might argue about the small skips like in Babylon or Meroe where you can skip a shimmy section or the Pudovkin level with the crane hook. But the difference is that unlike there you do not access "intendedly locked areas" which cause glitches and do not skip using a key item. So I added this one under "Minor Glitches".

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