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So i want to make there list of glitches useful to speedrunning (don't use them in multiplayer).

Additionally to infinite equipment glitch (send lend-lease to some nation, print 24000, then add another 2 zeros so counter will show "00" - this lend-lease will give huge amount of said equipment) and dividing air wing into groups of 1 plane each (they act better this way, and also this allows to spawn aces much faster) i found video what explains how to use simultaneously 2 incompatible techs (example: 2 different land/air/sea doctrines, concentrated AND dispersed economy, 2 special forces training programs).

Didn't find English version for now.


The unlimited naval production glitch is the only one I'm aware of, and I'm not even sure if it's been patched out yet or not.

Paradox usually tries to patch these bugs out to keep MP balance.


Yup, has been fixed with one of the recent patches.


To all exploits what was patched: rules allow you to make run on older version of game, what has all useful glitches.

Rules even say: "Newest Patch can be temporarly accepted, if a used exploit/glitch gets patched in the same patch generation it will be removed", "runs can not be done in the current generation of patches so currently 1.0-1.10.X must be used. For non capitulate newest version can be used but might get removed" - what means runs not only "can", but nearly "must" be done in older versions.


Trick documentation from the Discord:

Equiptment Lendlease Glitch (1.3.3 - 1.4.2)
Fast Naval Invasion (All)
World Tension Spiking (1.3.3)
Soft WT Spiking (All)
Order 66 (All)
No research Paratroopers (1.5.4)
Template Change Paratroopers (???)
Changing Paratroopers after Drop (All)
Force Allying (All)
Instant Change Doctrine (1.3.3-???)
Peace Conference Puppet Divisions (All)
Free Minors in big war (All)
Keeping all Divisions in Civil war (1.5.4 Naval) (1.5.4-1.8 other country)
Manipulating Civil war divisions (1.5.4-???)
Preparing Civil war divisions (All)
Yugostrat (Fast War with Allies) (1.4.2+)
Skipping Great Patriotic War (All?)
Power Inflation of potential Allies (All)

Courtesy of @survivalMichisurvivalMichi

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