Glitch list.
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So i want to make there list of glitches useful to speedrunning (don't use them in multiplayer).

Additionally to infinite equipment glitch (send lend-lease to some nation, print 24000, then add another 2 zeros so counter will show "00" - this lend-lease will give huge amount of said equipment) and dividing air wing into groups of 1 plane each (they act better this way, and also this allows to spawn aces much faster) i found video what explains how to use simultaneously 2 incompatible techs (example: 2 different land/air/sea doctrines, concentrated AND dispersed economy, 2 special forces training programs).

Didn't find English version for now.

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The unlimited naval production glitch is the only one I'm aware of, and I'm not even sure if it's been patched out yet or not.

Paradox usually tries to patch these bugs out to keep MP balance.


Yup, has been fixed with one of the recent patches.

To all exploits what was patched: rules allow you to make run on older version of game, what has all useful glitches.

Rules even say: "Newest Patch can be temporarly accepted, if a used exploit/glitch gets patched in the same patch generation it will be removed", "runs can not be done in the current generation of patches so currently 1.0-1.10.X must be used. For non capitulate newest version can be used but might get removed" - what means runs not only "can", but nearly "must" be done in older versions.


Trick documentation from the Discord:

Equiptment Lendlease Glitch (1.3.3 - 1.4.2) Fast Naval Invasion (All) World Tension Spiking (1.3.3) Soft WT Spiking (All) Order 66 (All) No research Paratroopers (1.5.4) Template Change Paratroopers (???) Changing Paratroopers after Drop (All) Force Allying (All) Instant Change Doctrine (1.3.3-???) Peace Conference Puppet Divisions (All) Free Minors in big war (All) Keeping all Divisions in Civil war (1.5.4 Naval) (1.5.4-1.8 other country) Manipulating Civil war divisions (1.5.4-???) Preparing Civil war divisions (All) Yugostrat (Fast War with Allies) (1.4.2+) Skipping Great Patriotic War (All?) Power Inflation of potential Allies (All)

Courtesy of @SurvivalMichi

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Creating tiny 1 battalion divisions and converting them into normal divisions is faster then creating said divisions normally (All?).

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One province puppets (IDK how it's called in Paradox games slang, a pretty good variant would be "asterixing" or "gaulofication" as reference to Asterix and Obelix last Gaul village - but it's too long for a slang name, so using "OPP" is arguably better). Basically, leave 1 most useless territory to conquered nation, make it puppet, while taking other territories.

OPP basically combines 99% of pluses of total annexing with some of puppet state. For example, nation only gives half of it's weapon and fuel stockpile - puppeting it will allow to order it to give you the other half of stock. Another plus is what OPP may do something useful with it's nation focuses. Also, technical existence of nation could be needed for nation focuses of some countries, so it could allow some focuses and screw up others - so that needs some planning to make sure what it allows your focuses and screws up something dangerous (some focuses need country to not be a puppet, and some require it to simply exist). Also, OPP can research technologies different from yours, what you can then take with technological exchange - what will allow to tech faster. Technically this is not glitch, but a cheese tactic nonetheless - i can't remember any cases when something like that was done in real history.

Another variant would be, when puppeting a country, satellite as much of it's pieces of that country and make all of them puppets, basically dividing a country into vassal swarm - like in Europa Universalis pre-unification Holy Roman Empire. Vassal (puppet/satellite technically) swarm is to normal puppeting as OPP is to normal capture.

That in-game would be better than 1 big puppet is because it would be more easy to increase level of control in them, and each of them would have independent national focus tree and tech research, and it would be more hard for them to do something independently of you or rebel (especially if that was multiplayer, and that country was one of a player). Also, it could be a requirement for some focuses and mess with others, and enemy would need to manually justify on every single one of them.

What do you think is better - total annexation or One Province Puppet? And what you think is better - one big puppet or a ton of small ones? Also what about comparing One Province Puppet, the normal Puppet and Puppet Swarm to each other, what is better? Of course speedrun requires you to capture countries, not puppet them, but otherwise what is better, for example in normal game or in multiplayer?

Also, what about releasing puppet nations while retaining states with cores - basically, this is because from game mechanics perspective, these new nations would use these given territories as cores, therefore getting better use of them (so you would get more benefits even despite the fact what puppet keeps part of it for themselves). Then you would command them to give and do what you originally wanted to do with that province. Retaining states with cores is needed to not accidentally throw away something useful.

Making puppets is counterproductive rules, as the point is "unite the world into single nation", not "make the world more balkanized than it is today"; unless you think what extra goodies taken from puppets will outset time needed to annex/conquer them back, that will be a waste of time. On the other hand, in "All Majors" you can leave minors and releasable countries, so you wont need to re-capture them - so it may be viable in that case.

Also it's worth noting what some formables can be released as puppets by different countries on start - for example, Somali Sultanate can be formed without giving away cores by Italy, France and United Kingdom; Morocco can be formed by France and Spain; Mariana Federation can be formed by Japan and USA; proper use of releasable nations could allow to try and get cores needed by these new puppet releasables, allowing to get into fighting faster and in more stylish/justified way. If you're doing that in multiplayer, you should release puppet while retaining cores before your opponent does that.

Also you should check on states needed to create formable nations - check the Formable and Releasable nations list on Wiki:

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I think, for best strategies, you should check Tvtopes. Especially "Game-Breaker" page - they have pretty high standards of writing (for me it's looking comparable or only a little bit lower than Wikipedia's standards), so if they officially consider something "Game-Breaker" instead of merely good - it's incredibly good to use. Simply use as much "game-breaking" stuff of various types as possible, the more the better - whoever is bigger munchkin wins.

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Not glitch, but whatever; you should request lend-lease from as much countries as possible; that not only includes most major nations and your war allies, but also countries of same ideology (even if it's tiny minor on other side of map), and probably unaligned ones. Due to AI shenanigans you, sometimes, can befriend the unlikeliest allies, so why not to try?

This is especially important if you're playing as minor nation, as in that case it's native weaponry will likely be out-numbered and out-performed by outdated trash from entire world - and therefore, your army performance directly correlates with how many countries you begged.

In speedrun, it's too time consuming (so it's better used in in-game time runs), and it's less crucial for major, but it's useful anyway.