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4 years ago

If you have ideas for new categories on this board you can present them here. Having a run prepared would help but is highly recommended. If you have a suggestion for "Form Nation" you can submit it to the category ideas subcategory. Think about what type of challanges are not present in the current leaderboard.

Discussion with other runners and refining the Idea on the Discord is always a good Idea!

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Minnesota, USA

I have a meme category suggestion that I plan to run soon. It's called Loose Africa% The goal is to loose every last province in Africa as Italy. Time starts on selecting the start of the game and ends when the last province has been taken from Italy.

@Otterstone_Gamer so just leave ethiopia to take all your land and release that shit in northern afrika? at that point you can play any% and just let yourself die as ethiopia

Minnesota, USA

I was thinking more of the 1939 start date and loosing to the allies (no realesing nations) but if you don't like it it's fine.

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Västra Götaland, Sweden

It would be fun if you added a 100% World Conquest option. If you want to aswell, if could be divided into what nation you pick. For example, " World conquest as USSR ", "World conquest as Germany " And " World conquest as any minor nation "

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@Zaponium_YT World conquest is long, if you do a run it will be added.


Maybe you could do a minor into major speedrun but you cant join factions or create factions

Västra Götaland, Sweden

Where would my world conquest run be added?

London, England

Luxemburg%. You just see how fast you can kill them.

Maybe WC may be faster is you try make as more allies as possible, and, with infinite weapons glitch, start mass lend-leasing everything to them to make them puppets, and integrate them. Alsoyou may capture enemies faster with allies, or maybe even can use them to capture Africa and South America and other regions parralel to normal WW2 front.

Also, by sending them tanks and other heavy equepment, you can puppet them faster and they can capture enemy countries faster, but you may have more trouble fighting them as they will use tanks if you will atack them.

IDK, is infinite weapons glitch really some kind of exploit? And also, our categories dont restrict use of glitches, but many speedrunners dont know how to use them, in "Any%" categories. Maybe you know some other glitches?

Indiana, USA

I'm going to record a run for forming Franco-spain with all cores in record time tonight. Hopefully will be able to submit tonight as well or tomorrow 04/28/22 Pretty excited for this since it's a fairly unexplored formable!

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Transport Tycoon bc I just did a run of it lol

What about do Form Nations like Vic3? There is lot of formables and it would be interesting to do (Here is list: So it would be epic to have more options (I didnt found subcategory sorry)

What about making new "Capitulate someone" categories? The variants are "Capitulate Eastern Co-Prosperity Sphere" (Japan), "Capitulate China" (or whole chinese block, when it is formed), "Capitulate Comintern" (USSR), and "Capitulate Anyone" (just defeat any 1 country you want).

List of other possible factions (including Allies, Axis, Comintern, Chinese United Front, Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere)

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Also, what about something like WC, but only partial? Like, conquer everything in a particular region ("Region Conquest" i guess). Like, conquer everything in Europe, or Asia, or Oceania, or North America, or South America - and so on and so on.