Updates and Changes
3 years ago

All changes on the leaderboard like bigger removals, new categories etc will be posted here. This is made to make the Structure of the furom more clean.

Votes on changes are done on the discord.

Edited by the author 3 years ago

Renamed "Ingame Time" to "Ingame Date" to make it easier to understand for new runners. (02.03.21)

Cleaned up the leaderboard to simplify "Day" "Month" "Year" to "Date"(06.03.21)

Added Challenges (aka Achievements) on the leaderboard: (14.03.21)

  • Australia-Hungary
  • Hoofin It
  • Sunrise Invasion

Clarified rules in Capitulate to mean Capitulation by taking all victory points (14.03.21)

Edited by the author 3 years ago

Added "Awake and Angry" to challanges