HOI4 Speedrunning FAQ
3 years ago

Why is only Speed 4 allowed in Realtime? Speed 5 is largly dependant on CPU speed, Speed 4 has at least a cap which can be reached with newer CPUs.

Can I use Speed 5 in Ingame Time? Yes, but the run wont be eligible for the Realtime Leaderboard.

Can we add a category? We have a category request Thread here, also Formable nations can just be done after the category rules and submitted.

Why dont exclusivly play on the newest Version? We cant trash all old runs just because they were played on a old version, allowing all aviable versions makes a level ground for competition. Also speedrunning has a long history of cherrypicking old versions for speedrunning.

**Why dont make every Version its own category?" It would get bloated way to fast and really reduce the actual competition on the board. Once major Bugfixes are in place a category split will be made.

Why dont measure runs by the Ingame date? We do that just switch to "Ingame Time" on the leaderboards.

Is a screen good enough for Ingame Time run verification? No, the community found screens even for bad runs as not enough for verification. Video ensures the legitimacy of runs.

Where do i get old versions? Look at the resources page. You will also find other things useful for speedrunning there.

With which category should i start? Assuming you play the current patch you should start with Capitulate 1.10 (or whatever the current newest Version is) To get into fighting optimised against AI you should start with Capitulate Ethiopia. After that to get into some tricks you can play Capitulate Poland. When you learned the Game "Form Nation" runs are most recommended.

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