69/70 Unique Stunts in 31m 51s by

mod note: retimed, milliseconds are not accepted for non-IL runs for the time being

69/70 Unique Stunts
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Second place
31m 51s
3 months ago
25 days ago
3 months ago
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#NameSplitFinished at
1-10m 36s 341ms0m 36s 341ms
2-20m 22s 088ms0m 58s 429ms
3-30m 08s 014ms1m 06s 443ms
4-40m 14s 902ms1m 21s 345ms
5-50m 17s 244ms1m 38s 589ms
6-60m 30s 504ms2m 09s 093ms
7-70m 25s 903ms2m 34s 996ms
8-80m 12s 723ms2m 47s 719ms
9-90m 14s 300ms3m 02s 019ms
10-100m 15s 022ms3m 17s 041ms
11-110m 09s 350ms3m 26s 391ms
12-120m 16s 617ms3m 43s 008ms
13-130m 32s 963ms4m 15s 971ms
14-140m 10s 034ms4m 26s 005ms
15-150m 31s 435ms4m 57s 440ms
16-160m 25s 218ms5m 22s 658ms
17-170m 21s 312ms5m 43s 970ms
18-180m 12s 971ms5m 56s 941ms
19{LS I}190m 40s 172ms6m 37s 113ms
20-200m 45s 670ms7m 22s 783ms
21-210m 05s 748ms7m 28s 531ms
22{CS I}220m 19s 793ms7m 48s 324ms
23-230m 42s 843ms8m 31s 167ms
24-240m 31s 791ms9m 02s 958ms
25-250m 10s 597ms9m 13s 555ms
26-260m 29s 264ms9m 42s 819ms
27-270m 26s 371ms10m 09s 190ms
0m 33s 339ms10m 42s 529ms
29-290m 13s 147ms10m 55s 676ms
30-300m 12s 278ms11m 07s 954ms
31-310m 35s 707ms11m 43s 661ms
32-320m 50s 864ms12m 34s 525ms
33-330m 51s 449ms13m 25s 974ms
34{LV}340m 44s 502ms14m 10s 476ms
35-351m 02s 312ms15m 12s 788ms
36-360m 25s 552ms15m 38s 340ms
37-370m 16s 249ms15m 54s 589ms
38-380m 42s 025ms16m 36s 614ms
39{CS II}390m 31s 583ms17m 08s 197ms
40-401m 16s 639ms18m 24s 836ms
41-410m 10s 578ms18m 35s 414ms
42-420m 20s 221ms18m 55s 635ms
43-430m 27s 139ms19m 22s 774ms
44{LS II}440m 37s 148ms19m 59s 922ms
45-450m 37s 727ms20m 37s 649ms
46-460m 22s 596ms21m 00s 245ms
47-470m 07s 073ms21m 07s 318ms
48-480m 14s 205ms21m 21s 523ms
49-490m 17s 724ms21m 39s 247ms
50-500m 11s 797ms21m 51s 044ms
51-510m 24s 324ms22m 15s 368ms
52{CS III}520m 30s 407ms22m 45s 775ms
53-530m 17s 783ms23m 03s 558ms
54-541m 11s 728ms24m 15s 286ms
55-550m 31s 010ms24m 46s 296ms
56{CS IV}56
1m 00s 975ms25m 47s 271ms
57-570m 54s 534ms26m 41s 805ms
58-580m 20s 173ms27m 01s 978ms
59-590m 12s 671ms27m 14s 649ms
60-600m 10s 535ms27m 25s 184ms
0m 26s 279ms27m 51s 463ms
62-620m 34s 442ms28m 25s 905ms
63-630m 18s 934ms28m 44s 839ms
64-640m 33s 299ms29m 18s 138ms
65-650m 21s 806ms29m 39s 944ms
66-660m 39s 232ms30m 19s 176ms
67-670m 22s 490ms30m 41s 666ms
68-680m 18s 665ms31m 00s 331ms
69-690m 17s 597ms31m 17s 928ms
70{SF}700m 33s 619ms31m 51s 547ms
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As of this news post, the San Andreas leaderboard will function in

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