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8 months ago

This thread contains an updated list of all users that are banned from submitting to the GTA:SA leaderboard.

Users may be banned for intentionally using cheats (mods/third party software etc.) not specifically permitted by the game/category rules, to gain an unfair advantage. Other breaches of the rules and other uses of mods that don't give an advantage will usually result in the run's rejection. Failure to comply with the rules after repeated rejections may also result in a ban.

The ban periods are standardised for convenience:

  • First offense = 3 months suspension
  • Second offense = 1 year suspension
  • Third offense = Permanent ban

Suspension means that any runs completed during the suspension period will not be considered for verification. The suspension period will run from the day the entry is made in this thread. Any runs submitted by the user in the period between the run that resulted in the ban and the entry in this thread will be removed.

Each entry in this thread will contain the evidence that led to the conviction. If you believe that a ban was given unfairly you are welcome to appeal by messaging any leaderboard moderator with new evidence.

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