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3 years ago

Due to a popular demand and to futureproof the leaderboards, the decision has been made to split the main game categories into Original and Remastered (with Any% being the only exception as AJS is only possible on one of the versions). The miscellaneous categories will remain unchanged.

Original releases:

  • PC (1.0/1.01/2.0/3.0/Steam/Rockstar Games Launcher)
  • PS2 (all versions)
  • PS3 (emulated PS2 versions)
  • PS4 (emulated PS2 versions)
  • Xbox (all versions)

Remastered releases:

  • PC (Windows Store)
  • Xbox 360/Xbox One
  • PS3 (remastered versions)
  • Android/iOS/Windows Phone

Additionally, all runs submitted after September 16th (including) will require EVERY player that wishes to be on the leaderboard to show the initial load of the game:

That load is only shown when pressing New Game from a fresh game start so that means you'll be required to quit and launch your game again after every reset.

The change was made to avoid players taking advantage of certain stats not resetting after a previous attempt and carrying that progress to a new game started from the pause menu (Cycling Skill, Max Health, Lung Capacity etc.)

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