100% Checklist

For keeping track of your progress towards 100% completion. (external link)

By 62

d3d9.dll (Windowed Mode)

Windowed mode for GTA SA (direct download)

Decompiled mission script

If you want to look at the details of any missions' code. (external link)

By 62


Used to fix mouse issues in III/VC/SA. (direct download)

GTA SA Steam Downgrader

i am re-adding this because they updated the forum and added a new downgrader in the formus which is really bad if you are speedrunning, so use this. ( it downrgrades the steam version to 1.0 ) (external link)

By gamerzworld

GTA:SA Practice/Testing Utility

A CheatEngine script/trainer which can show Duping related memory values (OnMission, Phonecall Timer, Held Call..) and some other types of values, like showing the player vehicle the game has stored (causing increased AI accuracy). (external link)

By tduvatduva

GTA:SA Save File Manager

This tool helps with managing the save files for San Andreas, it comes complete with a save file for every mission in the Any% speedrun route (Thanks RunnerHAWORTH), as well a backup group with a save at the start of every major city unlock. 0.8 now has a search feature 0.81 fixes Document folder detection for multiple HDDs (direct download)

By JoshimuzJoshimuz

GTA:SA Steam Downgrader

This downgrader will take the certain Steam versions of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and downgrade them to their original version 1.0 counterparts. (external link)

By gamerzworld

GTA:SA Steam Downgrader

The NewSteam r2(12/9) or to 3.0 (pre-11/7) downgrader. (external link)

By gamerzworld

LiveSplit Autosplitter

Autosplitter for any%/All Missions/100% integrated into LiveSplit (can be activated directly in the LiveSplit Splits Editor, added here for people searching for it). (external link)

By tduvatduva

LiveSplit Load Removal

An asl script to remove loading times in GTA: San Andreas for livesplit. (external link)

By BlantasBlantas

OnMission Changer

Supports GTA III / VC / SA. (direct download)

By 680

Prio (keep 1-core-affinity setting)

Many people report that a 1-core affinity setting "fixes" some SA problems. ~~~ Without 3rd party software that setting has to be set every time the game is run. ~~~ Prio saves settings made in the task manager. After rebooting to complete the installation, set the affinity to 1 core in the task manager( You should test if it has worked. (external link)

By O&K Software Ltd.


Any% and All Missions saves for v1.0/v1.01

Any% and All Missions saves for v1.0/v1.01 of the game. (external link)

By illuminati7777

Duping Practice Saves (Game Version 1.0)

Saves for duping T-Bone Mendez, Ran Fa Li, Amphibious Assault, Highjack, Verdant Meadows, Fish in a Barrel, Black Project, Home Coming, Riot, Los Desperados (v2 of this pack added Los Desperados and improved some other saves) (direct download)

By tduvatduva

GTA Save N Play Tool

GTA save file sharing and conversion. (external link)

By Samutz

Josh's Save Game Manager with Illuminati's Any% v1.0/v1.01 (any% yesDuping) saves

Note that the original one uses outdated Steam saves and can be found under "Tools" on this page. (direct download)

By Joshimuz & Illuminati7777

RunnerHAWORTH's Any% Saves

The link includes both segments and individual mission saves according to the any% route. There's a .txt document with the saves that can give you more information regarding the nature of the saves (i.e., version, setup, etc.). (external link)

By 310

Save's for 100% speedrun (route by S.)

This save for practice 100% speedrunning with route LotsOfS. Each save corresponds to the name of the split in the route by S. (direct download)

By LookasLookas


100 Tags (Each Tag)

Split for Big Smoke, Ryder and then each tag. (direct download)

By tduvatduva

100% splits for noobs

100% splits based off the guide, fixed some splits that were missing (external link)

By derek31047derek31047

16x16 radar icons

The original 16x16 icons used in-game (direct download)

By MopsiMopsi

Any% - 3:52:07

Splits can be exported by pressing Export button. (external link)

By BlantasBlantas

any% Splits (livesplit)

(direct download)

By 98

any% Splits (Livesplit) (Duping Route)

Based on Jolzi's Splits, updated for Duping Route as of December 30th 2015. (direct download)

By 106

Any% splits with subsplits set up

Up-to-date as of 25th September 2018 (direct download)

By hoxihoxi

Full set of HD radar icons

All icons inside the hud.txd file in high quality. (direct download)

By -Quantum-

High-res icons

High resolution icons from mission givers etc as used in the 100% checklist. (external link)

By 62


GTA:SA Executables (Windows)

A collection of 1.0, 1.01, 2.0, 3.0 and other gta_sa.exe executables. (external link)

By Rockstar North

V1.01 EXE

Download for the V1.01 exe of the game, unlike the last one that was uploaded GDQStaff -Omega (direct download)

By SomeoneSomeone