No Major Glitches in 5h 06m 06s by

Took way too bloody long but I finally PB'd again in this category. Much happier with this than my last one.

We don't speak of what happened in Home Coming though.

Other than that, there were a few other sloppy areas in mid-Badlands and early LV in particular. I'm not planning on doing more of this too soon, but for whenever I do, I can definitely achieve sub-5.

No Major Glitches
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5h 06m 06s
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
Time splits
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#NameSplitFinished at
1Big Gwiber3m 05s 538ms3m 05s 538ms
2Ryder2m 10s 120ms5m 15s 658ms
3gwiber hop2m 39s 516ms7m 55s 174ms
4Cleaning The Gwiber1m 53s 139ms9m 48s 313ms
5Drive-Thru1m 14s 365ms11m 02s 678ms
6Gwibers and AK's3m 13s 873ms14m 16s 551ms
7OG Loc3m 26s 779ms17m 43s 330ms
8@22-6 Life's a Gwiber1m 53s 032ms19m 36s 362ms
9Run Like Flip1m 23s 922ms21m 00s 284ms
10Drive-by2m 52s 673ms23m 52s 957ms
11Gwiber's Girl1m 39s 329ms25m 32s 286ms
12Gwiber Vialpando3m 33s 811ms29m 06s 097ms
13High Spicyness Hot-Dog SteamHappy2m 04s 408ms31m 10s 505ms
14Madd Gwiberr's Rhymes3m 43s 563ms34m 54s 068ms
15@12-5 Management Issues1m 46s 798ms36m 40s 866ms
16House Party (Cutscene)0m 05s 077ms36m 45s 943ms
17Burning Desire3m 48s 047ms40m 33s 990ms
18Wrong Side of the Tracks1m 33s 422ms42m 07s 412ms
19Just Business4m 42s 814ms46m 50s 226ms
20Doberman4m 32s 611ms51m 22s 837ms
21Gay Imports KappaPride1m 49s 203ms53m 12s 040ms
22@12-20 Gwiber Invasion
23@20-6 House Party
25Robbing Uncle Sam
26@9-17 Los Sepulcros
27Reuniting The Gwibers20m 18s 002ms1h 13m 30s 042ms
28(TAKE NRG) The Green Gwiber2m 47s 251ms1h 16m 17s 293ms
29Gwibers2m 02s 078ms1h 18m 19s 371ms
30Tanker Commander3m 32s 655ms1h 21m 52s 026ms
31Body Harvest4m 20s 785ms1h 26m 12s 811ms
32King In Exile (Cutscene)0m 35s 686ms1h 26m 48s 497ms
33Small Town Bank5m 46s 426ms1h 32m 34s 923ms
34555 We Miss1m 43s 060ms1h 34m 17s 983ms
35Against All Odds2m 23s 251ms1h 36m 41s 234ms
36Gw Ib Er3m 03s 486ms1h 39m 44s 720ms
37Farewell My Love...2m 39s 190ms1h 42m 23s 910ms
38Are You Going To San Fierro?4m 37s 637ms1h 47m 01s 547ms
39Wear Flowers In Your Hair3m 13s 003ms1h 50m 14s 550ms
40555 Gwiber Reset4m 23s 753ms1h 54m 38s 303ms
41(CALL) Deconstruction2m 25s 464ms1h 57m 03s 767ms
42(SWIM 1UP) Flipping Opportunity7m 28s 157ms2h 04m 31s 924ms
43(CALL) Jizzy (Cutscene)1m 56s 453ms2h 06m 28s 377ms
44Gwibby4m 27s 239ms2h 10m 55s 616ms
45(SAVE + CALL) Mountain Cloud Boys2m 53s 950ms2h 13m 49s 566ms
46Ran Fa Li3m 20s 066ms2h 17m 09s 632ms
47T-Bone Mendez2m 41s 266ms2h 19m 50s 898ms
48Mike Toreno4m 44s 606ms2h 24m 35s 504ms
49Lure4m 59s 693ms2h 29m 35s 197ms
50(STORE BIKE) Outrider
3m 46s 380ms2h 33m 21s 577ms
51(SWIM 1UP 130) @12-18 Snail Trail5m 36s 664ms2h 38m 58s 241ms
52@20-6 Ice Cold Killa3m 56s 858ms2h 42m 55s 099ms
53(DON'T DESPAWN BOAT) @20-6 Amphibious Assault3m 19s 549ms2h 46m 14s 648ms
54Pier 691m 22s 783ms2h 47m 37s 431ms
55Toreno's Last Flight
1m 32s 593ms2h 49m 10s 024ms
56The Da Nang Thang3m 29s 577ms2h 52m 39s 601ms
57Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
3m 46s 361ms2h 56m 25s 962ms
58Monster (ROCKETS)5m 39s 970ms3h 02m 05s 932ms
59(CALL) Highjack1m 55s 828ms3h 04m 01s 760ms
60(CALL) Interdiction
5m 38s 986ms3h 09m 40s 746ms
61Verdant Meadows1m 06s 202ms3h 10m 46s 948ms
62Learning to Fly8m 02s 459ms3h 18m 49s 407ms
63N.O.E.4m 10s 434ms3h 22m 59s 841ms
64Stowaway0m 38s 158ms3h 23m 37s 999ms
65(CALL) Fender Ketchup3m 26s 045ms3h 27m 04s 044ms
66Explosive Situation3m 20s 349ms3h 30m 24s 393ms
67(SULTAN) You've Had Your Chips3m 37s 517ms3h 34m 01s 910ms
68Don Peyote4m 19s 323ms3h 38m 21s 233ms
69Intensive Care4m 02s 302ms3h 42m 23s 535ms
70(FIND BIKE) The Meat Business4m 09s 605ms3h 46m 33s 140ms
71Fish In A Barrel
0m 42s 204ms3h 47m 15s 344ms
72(CALL) @12-20 Madd Dogg
1m 54s 894ms3h 49m 10s 238ms
73Freefall5m 01s 516ms3h 54m 11s 754ms
74Misappropriation2m 16s 861ms3h 56m 28s 615ms
75(CALL) @20-6 Vod_Crack Project3m 45s 204ms4h 00m 13s 819ms
76(CALL) High Noon
1m 02s 558ms4h 01m 16s 377ms
77Green Goo3m 27s 611ms4h 04m 43s 988ms
78(CALL) Saint Mark's Bistro
5m 35s 281ms4h 10m 19s 269ms
79A Home In The Hills
3m 53s 860ms4h 14m 13s 129ms
80Don't Crash Hydra2m 49s 330ms4h 17m 02s 459ms
81(MINIGUN X10 + CALLS) Home Coming10m 15s 552ms4h 27m 18s 011ms
82Beat Down On B Dup
2m 07s 031ms4h 29m 25s 042ms
83Gang Territories Part 1 (4)4m 16s 444ms4h 33m 41s 486ms
84Grove 4 Life
2m 32s 738ms4h 36m 14s 224ms
85Gang Territories Part 2 (10)8m 00s 702ms4h 44m 14s 926ms
86Cut Throat Business
4m 04s 505ms4h 48m 19s 431ms
87(CALL) Quiet Riot
2m 10s 048ms4h 50m 29s 479ms
2m 34s 827ms4h 53m 04s 306ms
89(CALL x2) Shadow Gwiber
13m 02s 490ms5h 06m 06s 796ms
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