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This was just barely a PB, but I'll take it after not getting one for so long. :P

I made the classic mistake of having barely practised the last two sections of the game and so I basically completely fell apart when I got that far. So, pretty easy to tell what I need to work on I guess.

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4h 29m 31s
4 years ago
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Time splits
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#NameSplitFinished at
1Big Smoke3m 01s 474ms3m 01s 474ms
2Ryder2m 11s 447ms5m 12s 921ms
3Tagging Up Turf2m 27s 536ms7m 40s 457ms
4Cleaning The Hood1m 50s 610ms9m 31s 067ms
5Drive-Thru1m 12s 744ms10m 43s 811ms
6Nines And AK's3m 10s 907ms13m 54s 718ms
7OG Loc3m 42s 029ms17m 36s 747ms
8@22-6 Life's a Beach2m 19s 294ms19m 56s 041ms
9Running Dog1m 32s 247ms21m 28s 288ms
10Drive-by2m 39s 675ms24m 07s 963ms
11Sweet's Girl1m 45s 343ms25m 53s 306ms
12Cesar Vialpando3m 29s 234ms29m 22s 540ms
13High Stakes Low-Rider2m 07s 656ms31m 30s 196ms
14Madd Dogg's Rhymes3m 39s 114ms35m 09s 310ms
15@12-5 Management Issues1m 47s 291ms36m 56s 601ms
16House Party (Cutscene)0m 04s 425ms37m 01s 026ms
17Burning Desire3m 49s 057ms40m 50s 083ms
18Wrong Side of the Tracks1m 36s 955ms42m 27s 038ms
19Just Business4m 48s 310ms47m 15s 348ms
4m 12s 545ms51m 27s 893ms
21Gray Imports1m 40s 984ms53m 08s 877ms
22@12-20 Home Invasion
23@20-6 House Party
25Robbing Uncle Sam
26@9-17 Los Sepulcros
27Reuniting The Families20m 24s 950ms1h 13m 33s 827ms
28The Green Sabre2m 50s 842ms1h 16m 24s 669ms
29Badlands2m 05s 780ms1h 18m 30s 449ms
30Tanker Commander3m 25s 014ms1h 21m 55s 463ms
31Body Harvest
3m 46s 606ms1h 25m 42s 069ms
32King In Exile (Cutscene)0m 30s 442ms1h 26m 12s 511ms
33Small Town Bank5m 43s 403ms1h 31m 55s 914ms
34555 We Miss1m 43s 172ms1h 33m 39s 086ms
35Against All Odds2m 24s 186ms1h 36m 03s 272ms
36Wu Zi Mu3m 05s 634ms1h 39m 08s 906ms
37Farewell My Love...2m 36s 805ms1h 41m 45s 711ms
38Are You Going To San Fierro?5m 35s 014ms1h 47m 20s 725ms
39Wear Flowers In Your Hair3m 18s 327ms1h 50m 39s 052ms
40555 We Reset4m 08s 059ms1h 54m 47s 111ms
41Deconstruction2m 29s 922ms1h 57m 17s 033ms
42Flipping Opportunity
5m 19s 032ms2h 02m 36s 065ms
43X2 Jizzy (Cutscene)
2m 35s 825ms2h 05m 11s 890ms
44Katie Date1m 20s 134ms2h 06m 32s 024ms
45X2 T-Bone Mendez4m 33s 631ms2h 11m 05s 655ms
46Outrider2m 50s 658ms2h 13m 56s 313ms
47@11-17 Snail Trail6m 16s 852ms2h 20m 13s 165ms
48C @20-6 Ice Cold Killa4m 59s 783ms2h 25m 12s 948ms
49C Pier 691m 39s 501ms2h 26m 52s 449ms
50X2 Toreno's Last Flight1m 46s 908ms2h 28m 39s 357ms
51Monster5m 41s 181ms2h 34m 20s 538ms
52Buy Zero and stuff0m 50s 290ms2h 35m 10s 828ms
53X2 Highjack7m 46s 518ms2h 42m 57s 346ms
54X2 Verdant Meadows4m 39s 085ms2h 47m 36s 431ms
55Flight School8m 52s 054ms2h 56m 28s 485ms
56Stowaway1m 11s 024ms2h 57m 39s 509ms
57Fender Ketchup
3m 11s 178ms3h 00m 50s 687ms
58Explosive Situation3m 34s 992ms3h 04m 25s 679ms
59(SULTAN) You've Had Your Chips4m 30s 160ms3h 08m 55s 839ms
60@0-8 Don Peyote4m 37s 499ms3h 13m 33s 338ms
61Intensive Care3m 48s 127ms3h 17m 21s 465ms
62C The Meat Business5m 32s 842ms3h 22m 54s 307ms
63X2 Fish In A Barrel0m 48s 767ms3h 23m 43s 074ms
64C Madd Dogg
2m 22s 676ms3h 26m 05s 750ms
65X2 Misappropriation2m 29s 150ms3h 28m 34s 900ms
66X2 @20-6 Black Project4m 20s 193ms3h 32m 55s 093ms
67Saint Mark's Bistro6m 48s 366ms3h 39m 43s 459ms
68A Home In The Hills4m 15s 061ms3h 43m 58s 520ms
69Don't Crash Hydra10m 40s 247ms3h 54m 38s 767ms
70X2 Home Coming7m 03s 217ms4h 01m 41s 984ms
71X2 Beat Down On B Dup2m 45s 469ms4h 04m 27s 453ms
72Cut Throat Business5m 09s 925ms4h 09m 37s 378ms
73Riot2m 44s 322ms4h 12m 21s 700ms
74HAZER 15m 27s 294ms4h 17m 48s 994ms
75HAZER 23m 00s 130ms4h 20m 49s 124ms
76End Of The Line8m 42s 641ms4h 29m 31s 765ms
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