Guide - Using Xbox controllers on version 1.0 without using GInput
Guide - Using Xbox controllers on version 1.0 without using GInput
Updated 10 months ago by hoxi

Hello, hoxi here from the Resident Anti-Fun Pole Brigade bringing you the well needed guide.

For this tutorial we will be using XInputPlus which you can get here (alternative source). Download it, extract it somewhere, then launch XInputPlus.exe. After doing that you should get a window that looks like this:

Select the game exe in the 'Target Program' box, then head to the DirectInput tab. Now configure everything like this: Update: illuminati7777 noticed that with the old configuration you can't bind DPad left, this should fix it. Thanks to him.

Then head to the Setting tab, then go to the Advanced sub-tab, and set everything up like this: If you don't want to have a loud beep when starting your game, untick 'Enable Init Beep'. Now click Apply and click OK both times.

Now launch the game, if you did everything right, you should be able to map all your controller buttons using the in-game menus. After setting the configuration to Joypad, go to the Joypad Settings and change Invert Right Stick Y to ON to NOT have inverted camera view.

Now, the only thing different than using GInput is the fact you can use your own layout (so you don't need to bother a certain person to make you a custom one ¤wink¤ ¤wink¤ ) and Start and Guide act as bindable buttons, so you can't pause the game using Start. But if that's a problem you can use a program called Joy2Key to map the Start button to Esc, that way you'll be able to pause the game using it.

Have fun using your controllers.

20.04.2023 Update: replaced image links with a different host so they don't get removed randomly, and added an alternative download link for XInput Plus

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