Emmet glitch
1 year ago

I don't know if i'm first to found this but i gonna share it anyway.

On the Mission: "Nine and AKs" you can skip smoke bottle shooting! Just throw a well timed grenade if you done this correctly you will see the bottle are destroyed from the blast.

My case for this: i was in the final shooting right before i finished shooting the 3 bottles my hand slipped and i threw a grenade before it showed the 5 bottles that smoke shooting. The bottles were destroyed from the blast and it skipped completely that part and it tell me to shoot the CAR INSTEAD!!

(If this is already found please tell me, i already checked for this glitch but i was not able to find any clue, This post is also on speedruning forum for anyone to see i just copy paste it)

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This strat is used in the individual level run:

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Yes is exactly what i saw too!!!!!!! thanks for your effort. thankfully the video is only 5 months old so this strat is still new, that's why i didn't found anything.


you have to destroy the bottles, it makes sense, it's not a "glitch" the reason why nobody used it is because it's unoptimal to get grenades before nines & aks and yeah, this is an old il strat, a lot of clever stuff is used there

upd: sorry for necroposting, shoutouts to srcom notifications

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