Where are the IL's that don't use 3rd party caps?
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Where are the IL's that don't use 3rd party caps?

A change has been made to the leaderboards, with the result being that almost all IL's are empty when one's viewing the list. However, basically all IL's were accounted for, be it without using 3rd party caps, most even with frame limiter on.

I want to kindly ask you to please bring back the missing IL's.

Thanks in advance.

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If you mean the list of all ILs found on this page https://www.speedrun.com/gtasa/levels (since if you go to the specific ILs it's all there), then this is out of our control. speedrun.com uses the first subcategory for that page for whatever reason, that being the one with 3rd party caps. We'd need to change the order on the whole board to fix that, which we don't want to do (not currently anyways).

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